Monday, October 15, 2012

The Body Shop Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush Shade: Vibrant Rose (01)

I got mine a year ago, I know it's so long but it turns out that I have so many items I didn't even realize. I get mine in Singapore and let's just say, I'm a big fan of TBS blush. I found them collectibles, timeless and fancy too.

The Kiss of Color Cheek Blush in Vibrant Rose comes with a sponge. It was super cute since it makes application much easier and simpler too. The tones they have is all natural and pastel-ly soft.

Why am I using it now? The pastel is 'in' now and with the whole sweets delights of milky colors, it's so 'in' compared to a year ago. Sadly the product is no longer available now, but who knows, they might come back ^__^

My before after pictures.

I love the cotton candy dolled look and how soft the blush is, easy to blend and the color stays on the skin until my next shower (usually 6-8 hours). Well, I rarely wipe, rub, or scratch my face, so the longevity is based on no touching ya. Tips: Careful when dabbing the sponge directly since it can be quite bold, but nevertheless a simple blush brush will help blending the tone. Better to be used when the skin is dry (can be blend with fingers too), not waterproof and one of my must have makeup item right now.

Really, really in love with the color!


  1. wah bagus banget di pipi cc, hehe, aku juga suka banget blush onnya TBS, bagus dan blendingnya gampang ^_^

    ini kayaknya belum ada di Indonesia ya c?

  2. Hi Creatia,

    Iyaaa lucu banget warnanya, warna kaya gini bikin yg make keliatan awet muda :D

    Blush on mereka emang bagus banget, tapi mungkin engga semua koleksi sampai ke Indo.