Monday, October 1, 2012

L'Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Foundation

Hi all!

I'm currently trying true match super blendable foundation by L'Oreal Paris, unfortunately the tone is in N4, too dark for me, so I'm just going to give it a go on my hand.

New with Hyaluronic Acid. Skin is hydrated all day
New ultra fine pigments for an even more precise match with your skin tone
Outstanding coverage for a flawless natural makeup result. Your skin simply made perfect.
Shake well before use

SPF 17/PA ++
Matches perfectly the skin texture and tone

The liquid is a bit creamy, yet blend nicely on the skin, you can use a foundation brush for perfection, but by fingers alone I can see and feel the differences. After blending it well, wait for a while until the foundation is set before applying another product such as loose powder.

The foundation gives me a bit of water-resistant action, the water droplets will stay on top of the skin, so when using the foundation and got splashed by water or rain, just use a tissue and gently tap on the waters, as long as the surface didn't get swipe, the foundation will still covers the skin well. But don't wait too long ya :)

If you checked on the product details, including from the website, true match come in many different varieties of undertone, shades and result. So you can get that perfect match for your skin, or plays a bit, if you want a tanned look, rosy aura, etc.

Always use it by putting them in 5 spots on your face: foreheads, both cheeks, nose and chin. Then gently distribute them evenly. Don't use too much, to avoid using too much, make sure to put them on bit by bits on those 5 spots. After spreading them well, I see some golden dots, yes, there are sparkles there.

This is my before after picture, N4 gives me a pale nude looking skin, the photo made the after seems fairer, but not in reality, so perhaps there are some ingredients that reflects lights, useful for camera-ready actions.

I didn't feel any hydration, but true match super blendable definitely doesn't dries up my skin, the medium coverage is nice and so does the SPF 17/PA++ for a light protection against the sun ray. Clean them well after use with makeup remover.

Best usage: Find that perfect tone/shade for you and you'll love it more.

Benefits: Super blendable and wide variety of shade/tone.

Thank you L'Oreal Paris Singapore for the product. I wish I can have one in my skin tone ^^

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