Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Anna Sui Lash Amplifying Mascara

Hi everyone,
I'm super duper loving this next item as it really amplify the lashes to an extension that replace fake lashes, yes, 1 cm longer lashes? No problem!
The packaging and bottle is exquisite, Anna never forget to show her love to her passion.

Details from annasui.com:

“No need for fake lashes because you can just dramatize your own with Lash Amplifying Mascara which provides high impact volumizing effect with easy buildable smooth application.”

• SMOOTH – Spatula designed brush allows easy buildable smooth application, coating 3 sides of lashes in just 1 swipe.

• DENSE – Cream  film-type based formula with Gum Arabic gives instant thickness and dense effect. 

• FAKE LINER – Soft brush tips allows close to eye line application,  creating easy eye liner effect while building up volume from the lash roots.

This is it and that's the spatula drenched in the thick black 'sauce' of goodness that will cover lashes in the most extreme way I've tried. It looks like a square spatula but it's actually shaped like poseidon's trisula.

The distance between one point to the other is wider than any mascara brush, there's for the sauce can be as thick as possible and hardens creating a fiber-like gum based material which thickens and voila, the most extreme lashes are created.

There is a downside, the trisula will touches the root of the lashes and create some 'mess' which later this problem can be tacked by making them into eye liner as well. So it's kinda like 2 in one product.


The Lash Amplifying Mascara can be used alone, or as my images above and below where the before is my naked lashes, in the middle is me using mascara (any mascara will do, waterproof, non waterproof, it wont matter), and the image with the words "After Lash Amplifying Mascara" is the after. So it was obvious between the before and finished result as the Lash Amplifying Mascara creates a significant longer, darker and extreme lashes without using fake lashes.

I love the scent of tea rose, I love the effect, I love how waterproof it is and I don't have to worry about glues like fake lashes do, and the eye liners created also waterproof cum resistant as well.

The trisula help me reach those lashes on the edges which normal mascara brushes have difficulties in reaching it and definitely better for the lashes below the eyes too.


I can only say wow \^0^/

Now cleaning-wise, don't be surprised to see this,


it's not your lashes, it's the Lash Amplifying Mascara, yes, 1 cm longer lashes is easily created. Use eye makeup remover and they will fall off and I found it quite funny too, they look so tough up there, but easily cleaned as well, with cleansing oil or eye makeup remover with warm water.

Let's just say this is another successful product from Anna Sui.

Thank you Anna Sui Indonesia, I love it! 

And I'll come back with more reviews for you, hopefully I can try the one in pink and turquoise \^0^/