Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Moisture White Shiso Whitening Treatment Mask

It's mask time!

I've been using Moisture White Shiso from The Body Shop, click HERE , for 3 weeks now and I'm trying the mask as well to boost the effect of clearer complexion.

Give your skin a weekly whitening moisture boost with this pampering treatment, which is proven to moisturise and brighten skin. This luxurious soft cloth mask contains a unique Moisture White? solution, so your skin can feel softer and look clearer with a more even complexion.

This is me before using the mask. Always use a mask on cleaned skin and dry too :) damp is okay but not to wet.

The color of the mask is brown-ish, the texture of the mask is soft and a bit gooey. The quality is definitely there as the paper as soft and smooth. There are cuts in many places for a secure fitting too.

Try to relax when using a mask by lying down, take a quick nap or just listening to the soothing music. As we relax the skin will loosen up and able to absorb the ingredients on the mask better, when we stressed the skin will tighten and kinda 'reject/repels' the goodness outside as the skin will try to remove toxin from the stress within.

And here's my review, please watch it in the video ^__^

Thank you and The Body Shop Indonesia for sponsoring the products.

I will give you all full review after using Moisture White Shiso full range for a whole month. See you later!

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