Monday, September 20, 2010

7 Day with Skin Inc.

These are my 7 days pictures using Skin Inc My daily dose serum consist of Hyaluronic Acid, Q10 and Collagen for two times a day and every night time I use Okinawa Deepsea Hydra Mask with Optimiser+(AIO). There are 2 additional product but not for daily use, the Collagen Black Mask and Pure Revival Peel.

From day 1 picture is my skin condition.I do have a good gene (for complexion) and perhaps know about how to take care my skin, so far I've been investing in good product, never use harsh chemical and do anything I can to maintain a healthy cell skin, start from food, drinks (always prefer plain water), daily life, etc. But I'm not living inside a bubble, pollutions, stress, lack of sleep and all those nasty things surround us in this earth we are living now can ruin our health and beauty.

So I thought I've done a good job and my skin is at its best, until I try these wonderful products for 7 days.

Diligently every single night I use Optimiser+(AIO), no matter how tired or lazy that night I said to myself I need to get it through. I want to see result and no matter how good a product is if you don't use it accordingly, it is a waste.

10 minutes a day is all it takes, I've been asking Ms.Crane (Outlet Manager) whether is there have been a complaint for using beyond the designated timing for Optimiser+(AIO)? She said no. But my advice is, Japanese people are known for their efficiency and research, so if 10 minutes is optimal, why extend?

On day 3, I use the Collagen Black Mask, a mask that so fit it help delivers the collagen perfectly to the area targeted. Please do read more about the mask here.

On day 4, the sensitive area (below the nose) are completely calmed. No more congested and redness seen.

The Blue LED that I kept using on the nose area. The wonderful thing about Optimiser+(AIO) is that you can use different light in one application accordingly, so within that 10 minutes you can change lights. And daily with your skin showing improvement and different needs you can simply adjust. Please do read more about Optimiser+(AIO) here.

Pure Revival Peel also used this day and it help the nourishment from serum and Okinawa Deepsea Hydra Mask to penetrate better. In the morning I wake up and feel my skin is so smooth and soft. You can read more about Pure Revival Peel here. I even do a test with another peeling product that I used to use before I know Pure Revival Peel.

Look at my pic on day 6, the peel really help to achieve an even better complexion and clearness of the skin.

On day 6, the whole complexion show a significant changes that I even feel like I've gone to a cocoon and just got out to a better skin condition. But the truth is I'm still as busy as ever, still brazing daily through the ray of sun, still lack of sleep, still surviving just to make it through in my daily life without being burn out.

On my 7 day, I couldn't believe it's my last day in a week with Optimiser+(AIO), this picture was taken after a party in Supperclub, it was an exhausting day. My eye lids shows it is way past midnight but look at my skin, it still show a bright and luminous glow.

From 7 days I learn that it is good to take a timeout just 10 minutes a day and it can help to turn back the time for my facial skin.

And with the right product I can have a better skin, better radiance, better complexion and I don't need any whitening products since the luminous glow already gives me a brighter color in deeper layer and looks so much healthier. And to the touch my skin feels so smooth, dewy, moist, non oily but hydrated, it just beyond what I could think of.

Thank you so much Skin Inc, you help me get my youth skin back, it feels like I'm back 9 years ago when my skin was at its peak....and even better.

Please do take note during this period I still use my own cleanser, softening lotion, sunblock and moisturizer like before I knew Skin Inc. So the review is based on the intervention by some of Skin Inc products, and I think the effect will be more fabulous if I use all of their range (from cleansing-lotion-moisturizer and their PA+++ sunblock that help fight UVA, UVB, and UVC---skin cancer).

For more about Okinawa Deepsea Hydra Mask please do click here. And why I think it is the best sleeping mask I ever use, and yes I use a lot of sleeping mask before, you can comment the brand you want to compare with.

For Skin Inc personalized serum click here.

Please do share your experience or question about Skin Inc in any of my post with Skin Inc labels, I love to deliberate more since the experience I have with their products is really good. When you got something real good, you just want to I really know what it means 0_~ (wink!)


  1. Hi Clevergirl,

    I am also a strong Skin Inc supporter. Glad to see your review on the optimiser which I am so tempted to buy. Does the skin returns to its original stage once stop using the optimiser?


  2. Hi Borniilove,

    for me some parts do visibly seen back to it's original state right after 2-3 days stop using the optimiser+(AIO), like my sensitive areas (upper cheeks and nose that was congested).

    But until now (5 days after stop using) the fine lines are still better (not visible) than before use , my overall skin complexion is still smooth and firmer too.

    which Skin Inc product is your favorite Borniilove?



  3. Thanks for your reply. I love their serums. The moment I re-start using them, my problems disappeared. I have a bottle of the Pure Revival Peel but yet to use. I heard their Okinawa mask is very good but yet to buy:) Hey, I also goes to the OC outlet nowadays. Maybe we will bump into each other.

  4. Hi Borniilove,

    Oh yes, their serums is indeed unique, I applaud how they customized for each customer accordingly.

    I've tried their Pure Revival Peel and it helps the serum and mask penetrate deeper, so the next day (morning) I feel my skin is very clear and soft, I don't know how to say these more clearly, but the peel made their product works better. it's a situation where you got to try to believe it heehee..

    the mask is indeed good haha! I made a special review just for it

    I did product comparison too, but for some reasons I can't deliberate here, let's just say, Okinawa deepsea hydra mask is the best sleeping mask i ever use.

    Yeah sure, hopefully we can bump to each other ^0^
    please do say hi to Ms.Crane and Ms.Shirley for me when u'r there.

    All the best.
    Carnellin aka Clevergirl

  5. May I know how much is the Skin Inc's Skin Optimiser?

  6. Hi Anon,

    it's $788 (Singapore dollar),and as far as I know only sold in Singapore.


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