Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pantene Intensive Hair Mask Fullness & Life

Hello lovelies,

Who doesn't love to pamper oneself, especially in a dull day to make it more fruitful. Using a hair mask is one of the things we can do at the comfort of our own home, watching movie while waiting for the mask to work on its own is just relaxing heehee.

I'm trying Pantene Intensive Mask amongst all of those masks available at the supermarket, their price is not in the very cheap category, more like budget friendly enough.

Here it is:


Made in Thailand, the packaging is simple and looks calming (with the soft green and light plastic container). The lid is opening on top without the need of screwing, it does make application less messier since we just need to put it down with one finger so it'll clicked closed.


To be used after shampoo and conditioner, I do like instructed, wait for 3 minutes and i really enjoy the somewhat smells like avocado scent. The kind of 'avocado' that I used to smell with traditional creambath. Now, how about the feeling on the hair? As the product is made for the hair, please do avoid the scalp, on the hair, the creamy gel like texture can easily be applied, when rinse the product also goes off easily.


As perhaps too easy, some of the scent stays but not for long, however for the result? Unfortunately, they don't do much more than a good conditioner do. Perhaps I'm putting too much hope on this product, but I don't see any differences from my before after use, just a nice pleasing smell that wears off around 2 hours or so and that's it.



Probably buy the products for the scents only and not for the result as I found nothing 'intensive' about it. Very light and pricey for the non effectiveness.

Tips: Perhaps the product will work better when steamed or use a warm towel over it. Those with severe dryness may feel a bit softer and smoother hair, but a good conditioner can easily replace this product without the need to wait for a few minutes.

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