Friday, February 28, 2014

Sebamed Everyday Shampoo

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how are you today? Hopefully everyone is doing fine ^__^ After yesterday rambling about beauty blogger's life, it's time for me to do a review again heehee, I love reviewing, trying 'new' products and figuring out what it is best for according to it's usage.

The thing is, if you're passionate enough with what you do, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen and perhaps that's what people behind Sebamed did. They have done researches to fulfilled what the word quality means for them.

Another product is brought here for you thanks to Sebamed Indonesia, and it's for the hair, an Everyday Shampoo with soap and alkali-free, suitable for daily cleansing that still provide moisture and adds volume, perfect for me, I always wash the hair daily since I dislike the oiliness on the scalp and limp hair.


Details from
Extra mild cleansing due to surfactant for
daily hair care and protection for scalp
  • Supports and protects the acid mantle of the scalp for healthy hair
  • For stabilization of the hair structure with the pH value of 5.5
Product features:
  • 100% soap and alkali-free
  • Formulated with vegetal based active cleansing agents for gentle daily hair care
  • The new generation glycoside surfactant blend safeguards hair and scalp against dryness
  • Keeps hair structure intact for healthy shiny hair
  • Moisture retaining properties penetrate the structure of the hair shaft, adding volume and a silky lustre
  • Pleasant delicate fragrance

As usual the packaging and bottle is simple with Sebamed logo and details written everywhere. This product suits those who needs to wash their hair on daily basis. Some people says it is good to wash the hair daily, while some don't. I guess it's a matter of preference and needs. If you like to use your hair daily, an everyday shampoo is necessary, but for those who doesn't need it, should find other shampoo accordingly.

For those who needs to wash their hair daily should find daily shampoo that cleans well yet still gentle enough for their scalp and hair, as there are shampoo out there that can be too harsh, creating problems on the hair and scalp. From irritated or sensitized scalp to dry hair.

Remember, not all shampoo suitable for daily usage/frequent use.


The soap free formula from Sebamed Everyday Shampoo aims to protect both hair and scalp, I'm enjoying the mild formula and lovely scent too. Somehow it reminds me of a smell from a hair colorant product.


The shampoo should be used on wet hair and after lathering on the palm, the shampoo does produce enough lather but depends on your hair length and condition, for me I need around 1/3 of the palm for two washes.

The clear lathering gel cleans the hair with a tight clean feeling but soft to the touch when dry. I use a conditioner or hair treatment after the shampoo but the scent of the shampoo is stronger than my treatment, so after the shower is finished for around 2 hours my hair still smells like Everyday Shampoo from Sebamed.


Since the product still contains sls, for those with colored hair would find their hair colorant fade faster than when using a non-sls shampoo.



a soft clean feeling hair with airy effect.

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