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Sugar Pot in Pure Honey (for Waxing)

Hello everyone!!


There's might be some unpleasant images here, don't say I didn't warned you.

Yup, it's about waxing and frankly speaking, waxing is no longer a new thing here, waxing places are sprouting everywhere in town. It is so different from 10 years ago where I think, I can only do a proper wax abroad. It's a very good thing that waxing become more 'approachable' >__<

Why do I like waxing?
First of all, the idea of pulling more hairs in one single striking movement than using epilator or worst plucking them one by one. Or the other common shaving method, usually cause more problems than solving, from the skin getting darker, irritations, to bumps and ouch!!! Ingrowns!! Arghh ... the horror.

I know waxing also have their own problem, from the unsanitized 'clinics' to the uneducated therapist. The thing is, now, it can be solved.

Sometime ago a representative from Sugar Pot gave me some of their products, 2 to be exact, and here they are:


(left: Pure Honey, Right: Chocolate)

All details may be found at:

 Pure Honey kit 75.000 
  • Memutihkan kulit gelap
  • Anti bakteri 
  •  Mengandung antioksidan 
  • Menenangkan kulit 
  •  Membuat kulit bercahaya 
  •  Menjaga kulit halus & lembut 

Chocolate kit 80.000
  •   Memutihkan kulit gelap
  • Mengangkat sel kulit mati 
  • Anti bakteri 
  • Mengandung anti oksidan 
  • Membantu pergantian sel kulit baru lebih cepat 
  • Melembabkan & menenangkan kulit 
  • Membuat kulit lebih bercahaya 
  • Menjaga kulit halus dan lembab

And each pot (250gr) comes with these clothes and wooden spatulas.

How to Use Sugar Pot?
Sugar Pot dapat digunakan langsung tanpa dihangatkan namun dapat juga dihangatkan untuk kemudahan pengolesan.
1. Bersihkan bagian tubuh yang akan di sugar dan pastikan permukaan kulit kering. Taburkan bedak dan ratakan di permukaan kulit.
2. Oleskan pasta sugar menggunakan spatula ke daerah yang diinginkan mengikuti arah pertumbuhan rambut.
3. Tempelkan kain, tekan-tekan hingga kain menempel secara merata dengan pasta sugar seluruhnya.
4. Tarik kain berlawanan dengan arah pertumbuhan rambut secara CEPAT.
5. Setelah semua bagian yang diingini telah selesai di sugar, bersihkan bagian tersebut dengan air. Setelah itu bisa menggunakan baby cream untuk pencegahan iritasi lebih lanjut.


I starts with warming the pot in hot (not boiling) water. The honey melts in 5-10 minutes. I figure it will be much easier to do the process with a warm sugar since it will be easier to be applied and the warmth help open up the pores to 'loosen' the hair's root.

While waiting for the honey in the pot, here's is my model's armpit before the waxing action. In the direction, it is best for the hair to be at least 0.6cm long.


Ehm, heehee, trust me, it is best to leave the image slightly blurred and not so focused. This is the armpit hairs before, the hairs was around 0,7cm long.

And soon the Pure Honey melts and can be easily used now. Look how liquid it becomes.

And the smells, ooh yums! The Chocolate also smells like a liquid chocolate. Are they eatable? They are sugar, right? And made with pure honey and choco, right?

Maybe I just test it on ants first ^__^


Now, as the honey is ready, lightly dusted the area with powder, don't use too much and make sure the area is clean and dry too.


Put the honey lemon, hahaha ups! I'm thinking of a drink right now, I meant, put on the pure honey directly to the area. Use enough sugaring, don't put too little or too much as it will become messy. I must admit, on this area, a partner will be helpful. 


Make sure all the hairy part got the honey, and then use the clothe given and pressed it onto the sugared part. Make it nice and firmly stick.


Wait around 10-15 seconds and then pull it away as quick as I can and we did it! The hairs are all plucked.


Does it hurt? In a minute, yes. After that the pain slowly reduced and reduced. If there's still hairs, apply the honey once again only on the area needed. Now, my tips is NOT to let one area be waxed more than 3 times during one session. It is actually an advice from an expert waxer. More than 3 waxes will irritate and damages the skin and longer healing time as well.

Wait around 3-4 days to do it again or perhaps just plucked it one by one since there aren't many anymore.

And one more thing.


Don't put too much powder on the area. This is what it will look like (image taken from the other armpit), the powder will stick themselves to the sugar and not on to the hair.

it is a wonderful products from Sugar Pot that actually works! The sugar melts easily and also very easy to be used. The only downside is you kinda need someone else to help you with the application, not on areas such as legs or arms, more like bikini line and armpit. So far, there's no signs of irritation made because of Sugar Pot.

The price is really affordable and the clothes given also easily cleaned. I use the same warm water for the pot to then clean the used clothes.

The success rate of using the product will depends on the user as well, in the end, practice, practice and practice ^__^ But hey, if I can do it in one go, everyone can.

Thank you Sugar Pot.

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  1. Whoa looks nice especially since I don't have to warm the product before use.
    Very convenient and of course prevents accidental burning ^^