Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Introduction to Kojie.san Skin Lightening Soap

Hello everybody,

sometime ago Kojie.san send me some soaps to be used. Based on the website and the packaging here are the details:


Kojie-san Skin Lightening Soap

Made from a combination of kojic acid, which reduces the formation of melanin, and high-grade virgin coconut oil which deeply moisturizes the skin. Kojie.san is the first and original kojic acid soap distributed in the Philippines.


The information on the packaging is basic, the product itself is simple, a cleansing material that help enlighten the skin tone, may be used for facial and body. The product itself comes in three sizes, 45g, 65g, and 135g.


The soap itself is orange in color and smells like orange (the fruit). This time, I asked a model to help me with the review, since he have dark skin and a lot of marks, he wanted to have a lighter skin and reduce the discoloration plus hopefully faded the marks as well.


Kojie.san skin lightening soap may be used for facial and body skin too, so he uses on both. He has been using it for almost 2 weeks now and his opinion in using the product is, he enjoys it, the soap feels good on the skin, the cleanliness also feels fine and doesn't strip off  the skin moisture like giving the skin a tightness feeling afterwards. Of course a moisturizer for the facial skin and body lotion is still needed after the shower.


The lathering effect is nice and the soap does refresh the skin. I've used it a couple of times as well. For me the cleanliness and dryness afterwards is basic (like most mass branded soaps) if I have to give a rate for the drying effect I would like to say somewhere in the middle, so it's not moisturizing but not too drying as well.


Above is the before image of the model and below is the after 12 days of using it. Sorry for the different lighting used due to the model timetable. But, he does look fairer in terms of overall complexion and pretty much like the result. He will still use the product as according to him, it helps lightens his scar.


Thank you Kojie.san Indonesia.

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