Thursday, March 6, 2014

Introducing IOMA

Hello everyone!!

Yesterday was an exciting day for me as I was introduced ti IOMA for the first time. This relatively new brand came from Paris to Indonesia under Unilever.

I've read and heard so much about IOMA, one for their amazing technology and passion to skincare where no other brand nor companies dare to compare.

I'm talking about personalized skincare and international database, what?!!!


Yes, you've heard me right, in fact I'm adding science in defining IOMA. Please do open their official website and read more:

and I'm going to share my experience at IOMA first counter in Indonesia at Seibu, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.


Here are the images of the branch, they look highly sophisticated and luxurious, classic and very smart at the same time, but, I'm not intimidated. Do you know this feeling when you approaching a beauty counter at a pricey mall and feel that kind of distance and suddenly you feel reluctant to come any closer?

Usually that's the feeling I get with some other high class full tech brand, but with IOMA it's different. I can feel the high class full tech ambiance but still very friendly and approachable, I don't know how this make sense, but it really is.

They make their layout to be like open arms with wide black chairs for customer to sit and relax while the beauty adviser helps you with their technology, technology? Yes, they are not introducing the customers or passerby with products, but with knowledge first regarding their advanced findings related to your skin, your condition, and what are these cool gadgets can do for you.


It is unorthodox how this brand represent themselves, it's not just about the products, but the technology behind the product, and how they suits your needs at current time. Everyone who came must went through a series of skin check unlike any other brand.


Where after a thorough skin check by the machine, ones may found out their exact skin condition, future skin condition and what is the best concoction for them.


Concoction? Yes, they have this ability to determine the right mixture for your own personal use, the combination is almost endless and unique between one to the other.


They don't believe in one size fits all or one magic ingredient like other brand we know. Formulas that are able to be mixed and match accordingly.


I put my head inside the machine and 5 photos are taken. Usually most brand only offers 3-4 skin check, from hydration, pigmentation, texture to fine lines/wrinkles, at IOMA, bacteria level also measured. Yikes! What does bacteria has something to do with the skin, apparently a high level indication of bacteria may cause several problems from black heads to acne.


And mine is in level 12, eeeuhhh, that's a lot of concerning bacteria and they are concentrating on areas below the nose and surroundings! Yikes!

Beside that, IOMA also measure the skin ability to absorb nutrients, so if you're wondering if your expensive skincare really works on your skin, you need to know your skin first, if there's so many blockage, no matter how pricey your skincare is and how many or wide or persistent you are in using them, you may only get less than 5% of it's function. Bummer isn't it?!

It's not just about the skin's condition but the packaging of a product also important, most jar containers are filled with preservatives because they are most likely to get oxidation, IOMA's product are all made with care and put inside an air tight vacuum packaging where the factors of germs or anything from outside ruins their precious ingredient be reduced by far. The container also help in reducing unnecessary chemicals inside the product. And by doing so, the effectiveness in using IOMA is up to 15%.


Back to the devices, the computer able to help understanding the skin in 3D images, so I get to see the surface from many angles, from the surface to lower epidermis. It was a super cool experience for me.

After the skin check, here's the result:


I need more hydration, the dead skin are relatively low, the fine lines need some attentions and so does the wrinkles, the sagging skin level is low, no redness visible, the bacteria activity is high, the pores are not so clogged, low damages due to UV, good condition of eye bag and lid, a bit of dark eye circles  and a concerning fine lines near the eyes.

So, I need help in terms of lowering the bacteria activity, lines and wrinkle level. The hydration also need some upgrade. The prescription for me is made and registered in their database. This database is available throughout the world.


Throughout the world? Yes, I can easily log in to any IOMA counter anywhere and they'll have my data and the exact prescription for my skin care. They do recommend the customer to check on their skincare regularly, 2 bottles of Bespoke (day and night with my own perfect mixture) usually last for 3 months, so the skin check is best to be done every 3 months to personally witness your skin progress and condition.


IOMA application also available in Apple, the app is called IOMA A MOI.

For me IOMA means personalized skincare, individually made (like you have your own personal-made-for-you skincare), wonderful technology and science behind it, approachable brand and the precision in creating the formula for the skin's current need, less human error, no hard selling as the staffs wont be able to add the products into the result, cute app, this is a great way to keep track on the skin condition, and high efficacy.

And those are the remarks I've made only in the first impression, stay tune as I will share more regarding IOMA and trying some of their products as well.

Thank you IOMA Indonesia.

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