Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Daily Routine with V10 Plus Quasi Serum, LX Advanced Eye Cream, andLX Advanced Lifting Cream Treatment

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Phewww, after consecutive reviews on each of the products I've recently received from V 10 Plus, the Quasi Serum, LX Advanced Eye Treatment Cream, and LX Advanced Lifting Cream Treatment, now, here it is the post I've said will make for you on how do I use all three together as a series.

Please do click on each of the products above to read the details, in this post it will be all about how to use and my experience during the 2 weeks of using the products.


Take note that these images are made 2 weeks before, and I keep using them as it is shown here, start with a clean face, if needed do a double cleansing, when the skin is perfectly clean without any residue or abundant dead skin cells on top of it, the nutrients from the skincare will be absorbed way better.


Without using toner, I'm using Quasi Serum, why am I using the toner right away? I was told by V10Plus representative that their products are water based and purer that other products from other brands. No oils and easily penetrated into the skin, using other brand including toner will blocked the skin from receiving theirs. The serum itself is very comfortable to be used directly on the skin and within 1-2 minutes there's none left, so I better hurry and applied the next step, eye cream.


Using only ring finger and about this size, gently dab on the circle areas and then swipe it over the lids.


The eye cream feels really light and comforting on the skin, like melts instantly too. The area become hydrated without being too much. Nobody like an oily eye cream and LX Advanced Eye Treatment Cream is definitely not oily.


Last, LX Advanced Lifting Advanced Cream Treatment, as seen the cream seems a bit thick and gooey. Looks rich and luxurious, it does felt luxurious on the skin. Like an expensive cream haha! I'm really running on words, but yes, it does feel like an expensive cream, smooth, finely made and even thou it looks heavy, on the skin the cream feels light and unburden. There's this density and firmness when used.


No need to use too much, like seen above, just use enough, I'm using around one corn size, since the cream is like melts on the skin really well and glide all over. This is suitable for those whose already above 25. Those whose been taking care of their skin really well may start from 30's but for those already having premature aging may start early. The stem cells active ingredients will work continually and 'wakes up' the cells to rejuvenated, imagine like when you're running out of fuel, your body start feel lethargic and exhausted, when given energy bar with vitamin water suddenly you'll feel alive again and start to be productive once again, that's how it works on your skin. So there's a restoring process and triggering the cells to work like they used to, when they are young.


And ta-da!! This is how I look two weeks later, the skin become firmer and less lines, the large pores reduced and even skin toned thanks to Quasi Serum. My eyes looks fresh as well.

So, in terms of aging, it is not recommended to just use one or two items, it is best to be used as a series as they work together hand in hand, like a synergy they created altogether, one addresses some concerns, while some to other concerns.

For those in their early 20's and want to start early, it is always best to start with a serum that suits the skin's need, then find an eye cream that feels light and penetrated easily. Moisturizer is always a must and remember a hydrated skin will always look plumper, healthier and younger. Keep drinking at least 8 glass of water per day and eat your fruits plus veggies too.

V10Plus carries a series of serum that matches the skin condition perfectly, from more than 10 serums, you'll be sure to find one just for you, or just mix and match.

Another tips from me is start reading the ingredients, hey I'm not a pro myself, google it down to see what they are for, some ingredients already banned while some need precautions. Don't just use any skincare, treat it as an investment, so use only responsible quality products that will benefits the skin from the short term to the long run.

Thank you V10Plus.

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