Thursday, January 30, 2014

LX Advanced Eye Treatment Cream

Hello gorgeous!!!

A lot of my readers has been asking for solutions to these problems:
dark eye circles,
eye bags,
fine lines near the eyes.

And they all want a brighter, firmer, prettier looking eyes which is of course linked to the conditions surrounding the eyes. So dark circles, sagging eye bags and fine lines or even wrinkles wont do much help, they do help in terms of adding the age factor, which we all refuse to have. We want youthfulness and younger looking everyday.

It is a general knowledge too that the aging usually start around the eyes, why? Due to the muscle contraction and sensitivity of the area. The skin on eye's area are thinner and hence more fragile to damages. Lack of sleep will immediately turn the color under our eyes to become darker, bloating will promote sagging eye bags and lines, well, we do smile, blink, scratch and touches the eye's area like any other part and sometime forget that those area are much more sensitive, that's why we have to touch them gently. Ring finger is the weakest in terms of pressure, using eye cream is always recommended using that particular finger only.


Beside the touches, the habits and healthier lifestyle (enough sleep, etc) we also need help from outside called eye cream. With so many eye cream on the market, it is confusing which one to choose.

My suggestion is to look according to your needs and skin type, for me? I'm looking for an all in one product for the eyes from V 10 Plus. The apple stem cells, plantago major seed extract, and vaccinium myrtillus leaf extract help to boost the skin eye area's in terms of elasticity and firmness. The glucosyl hesperidin and cynara scolymus (artichoke) leaf extract help minimize the appearance of age spots, dark patches around the eyes and dullness for an all over youthful brightness and radiant looking eyes.

What do I love about the product? It is again due to the texture, I think texture do play an important role in skincare, if it's too thick the skin will feel uncomfortable and having difficulty to be absorbed, now the skin near the eyes are already so thin and sensitive, it need a product that is water based, light and easily penetrated, we don't want any milia seeds there, right?!


The eye cream are meant to be used after we clean our skin, use toner, serum and then the eye cream, right before moisturizer or face cream. Twice daily and with the help of ring finger. On another post I'll share how to use this product with 2 other V 10 Plus items.

Stay tune and thank you V 10 Plus.


  1. penasarannn sama LX advanced eye treatment cream iniii >______<

  2. Hi Xiao Vee,

    Iya ampun deh n enaknya tuh karena gak berasa berat, paling sebel eye cream yg oily n sticky. Ini enakkkk :D (makin racun nihh)