Friday, January 3, 2014

Beauty Buffet Whitening Body Lotion

Hi all,

who loves traveling? I do, I raise both of my hands and feet if needed. I love traveling so much, but lately due to my health and other conditions, I'm not able to travel as much as I want to. Why do I love traveling? Different location, different culture, different people, means.... different beauty products!!!!

I love trying new stuff. So when my sis (NOT ME, my sister), went to Bangkok, I patiently waiting for her to get me something. She bought me lotions from Beauty Buffet, I asked for Pasjel but I guess for now Beauty Buffet will do heehee.


She took the image of the store. She told me and based on the website, it seems like everything looks so yummy! I literally want them all.


The Whitening Body Lotion with Co-Enzyme Q10  is one of the best sellers on the store. The whitening effect is due to the ingredients inside the product like milk protein, vitamin E and of course Co-Enzyme Q10 that claims to be the hero to fight skin's aging process. So it's not about changing the skin's natural color, but protecting the skin from environmental damage, including the sun, which causing the skin to loose it's vitality, strength and become darker.


The lotion is white and almost creamy. It was like a yoghurt. The smell? I believe this is one of the thing that made the product into best seller, it was like a milk candy or milk shake, so milkylicious #DontCareIfIt'sNotAWord. I love it, too bad it only last for 30 minutes or so. But during the application, it was delightful, like putting creamy milk on the skin.

No worries, no stickiness , nor greasy feeling afterwards. Just soft, smooth and smells delicious.

Now, as probably known and seen, yes, this product still contain some ingredients that is not 100% safe ... errr or even already banned from some country. So of you want to try it, I suggest use it wisely and not in long terms.

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