Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BBlog Launching Conference & Blogger Meeting Event

Good afternoon everyone ^__^

At least I'm writing it in the afternoon heehee. Recently, bloggers are approached by BBlog, a 'place' for bloggers to join and take parts in different projects accordingly. So it's not just for beauty bloggers, but bloggers in general, so we may find fashion bloggers, food bloggers, gamers, etc.

The Launching Conference and Meeting Event was held at FX Sudirman. During the event, founder and everyone involved in BBlog are presented and shared their vision and mission about BBlog.


Me during the event, Mr. Suryanto Wijaya, goodies from BBlog for the event, Tetsuya Osafune san, Masuya Norikazu san.

Basically, BBlog are 'made' by a Japanese company (Cyber Buzz, Inc) that are focus in media, especially in bloggers. They see bloggers as a potential influencer in the society. In the world, we see many power blogger who has been very active in their department and effectively affecting those surround him/her or even around the world. Blog doesn't have a limit like most media does. So the attention can be achieve from anywhere. But in the same time, being a blogger myself, with readers from all over the world, I feel pressure as much as I see potential. So I guess in everything, there are a price to be paid. Blogging needs efforts, time, dedication, and most of all integrity of the person itself to keep his/herself in line. Because blogging is like a personal journal that is read my public (if we want to share it publicly, which is most of the bloggers do), so honesty and opinions matters.

A place like BBlog hopefully able to help bloggers to actually find themselves in the midst of all the hustling and buzzing of popularity.

Please do find more details regarding BBlog here:

The registration is free and easy.


For more details and information regarding BBlog, you may ask them directly and don't hesitate for any queries as well. So far I think since BBlog is still new, there are rooms for improvements, like regarding the transport fee... Rp.50.000 in Jakarta is definitely not enough, I think minimum the amount should be Rp.150.000 for the transportation alone, excluding the post and event reports.
 BBlog is more handy to those who just start blogging to spread their wings in term of networking and to learn more about being a blogger. Help them in getting more expose, awareness and earn their share in the public.


I hope in the future BBlog will keep on growing, have better terms for bloggers whose been around longer than they are in Indonesia, understood our conditions (as a bloggers) better and of course become a more acknowledge and professional as well. There are many sides of the bloggers that needed to be shared, in Indonesia for sure, numbers of followers alone is not enough to put someone in a high position (as BBlog has a predicate for premium bloggers) as some can easily purchase followers. The quality of a blog, material or content and the blogger his/herself has to be a representative for the title.

Will BBlog be able to become a 'place' for the bloggers to call 'home'? Let's see and have our finger crossed.

Thank you BBlog Indonesia.

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