Friday, January 10, 2014

Bella Smoothing Eye Gel

Hello Ladies,

How are you today?

I want to share a product from Bella Skincare called Smoothing Eye Gel.


From the packaging and box, everything seems plain and nothing special. Below are the details provided from the container.


You may click any image for larger view. Above is the while creamy gel that I think more suitable to be called a lotion texture than a gel. I can't sniff any distinctive scent and feeling. .


The texture is light, but not light enough as an eye gel, it was really like a lotion type, and after use there's still a bit of the 'lotion' felt on the skin. It's not much but not completely absorb. I found no brightening nor lightening effect from the original tone of the area applied. So far no significant result in the fine lines too. I've been using the products for more than 2 weeks now, I guess, for me, I can't find anything special from the product.

It doesn't cause sensitiveness nor unwanted result as well, like allergy, redness, or other discomfort either.

Thank you Bella Indonesia

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