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Menard Tsukika Travel Set and Beauness Toner + Mask.

Hello lovelies,

Here's another brand from Japan that has been around since 1959 and well establish in their own country and worldwide. Tsukika is one of the range carried, here's some details from


A moist skin and promotes fresher looking skin:

Queen of the Night flower of which full of enough energy to bloom in a short period of time the flowers of brilliant large flower.
And skin care that meets the skin fresh and young, smooth, is a group of make-up to tailor skin sparkle with animation.

The products given for me is the Cleansing Cream, Washing Cream, Massage Cream, Lotion, Milk and Cream. There's also a toner and mask from Beauness collection.


Pamphlets also provided to give me full details on all the products given, from how to, what is it for and even massaging technique. This is a true Japanese product :)


I've been using them for a few days now and found them to be pleasing, easy to be used, comfortable and the skin and some smells really good while some are non-perfumed.


But I do still recommend you to go to their counters and consult your skin's condition and needs directly with the staff at Menard. I'm reading their details on the pamphlet and websites as well, but I still have some questions need to be answered. I have my guess that Tsukika is for those around 30'S and want their look to be fresher as in the contrary of dull. Smooth appearance and fair. While Beauness perhaps suitable for those who have problems with acne.


So far I found the toner to be refreshing and feels comfortable on the skin, details for the toner:

Based on the idea that SPA Taking advantage of various forces of nature, beautify the skin of (Spa), medicated lotion that leads to the skin of healthy smooth, the "rough skin acne reserve army" skin

 And the mask, here's some details:

Based on the idea that SPA Taking advantage of various forces of nature, beautify the skin of (Spa), medicated mask sheet that leads to the skin of healthy smooth, the "rough skin acne reserve army" skin
  • Care at the time of night, face-wash, after the massage, please use it.
  • Remove the mask sheet from the bag, spread in the vertical direction first. I will spread out to the left and right then.
  • We will snug against the whole face has an upper portion of the mask sheet, first align the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Overlaying the cut part of the mask sheet, it is easy to match the shape of your face more. Overlaying on top of the sheet on the lower side of the upper sheet, cut a large side of the face will be hard to come off more.
  • 10-15 minutes, remove the mask sheet and let you be familiar with your skin lotion remaining.

So total there are 8 products from Menard at the moment. No, I want to start sharing more about Tsukika.


I started by using the Cleansing Cream, it was made to help remove makeup and I found them effective in removing sebum too. I use a cheery and a half like written in the pamphlet.

Menard also providing the spoon to keep it clean and germ-less, germ-free is almost impossible as in the air there's so much of them, so by using the spoon we'll have less germs.


Just keep massaging and the pores will opens up, my black heads are gone by the time I was finish.


This is me using the Cleansing Cream. The white cream smells flowery nice and comfortable on the skin. I use a tissue but found it to be more pleasing to use warm water. There are some products left on the skin.

And then I'm using the Washing Cream, with the help of the net, they created abundant of dense fluffy foam suitable to clean the skin well all the way to the pores since tiny bubbles can do that. The skin feels refreshingly clean almost tight but not squeaky dry.

Rinse everything off with water and followed by Massage Cream.


The Massage Cream helps soften the skin and 'polish' the skin gently, don't do a rough massaging action, just be gently, especially if this is the first time. My upper cheek bones become a bit sensitive since I'm massaging too deep. Just gentle and it helps rejuvenate the skin as well. Rinse it off or use tissue. Again, I like it better with water.


Followed by the lotion, milk and cream. The products works hand in hand in creating a better skin condition, moist, supple, and fresher.

Below is me using the mask and the skincare after the mask.


No.1 is the before
No.2 is using the mask
No.3 is right after taking off the mask, the skin looks clearer instantly
No.4 is after using all the skincare, lotion, milk, and cream.

There you go, my first experience in using products from Menard.

Thank you Menard Indonesia

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