Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shu Uemura Lightbulb

Hello everyone!!

Sorry for being so late making this post, I'm too busy, too busy enjoying this product heehee. The dynamic duo is superb, must have and my favorite items at the moment. They are Lightbulb foundation and the super duper cute sponge.


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when seeking higher coverage, natural glow tends to be lost... but, now, paradoxical benefits coexist thanks to shu uemura’s expertise in oil technology and an original carefully hand-finished sponge. tap the foundation with the sponge and discover

- natural glow yet high coverage
- long-lasting moisture yet exquisite fit

12h moisture, mineral pigments

the unprecedented combination of the lightbulb foundation and the all-new sponge empowers you to glow under any light.
allergy tested

- tested under dermatological control - suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin - non-comedogenic - tested on Asian women

have you ever been surprised by how your skin looks so different under different light? like in the morning in the bathroom mirror compared to when you step out doors? or when you’re under fluorescent office light or out at night, in dimly lit bars and restaurants?

“visible light” is commonly describes by its color temperature, which gives a numerical value (Kelvin [k]) to the color of light. skin tone also looks different depending on the lighting source, its condition and how light is projected etc.

Please do watch the video by Shu Uemura:


I know a lot of you have heard of this product, try and play with the sponge or even bought them. They are indeed worth the price, the simplicity of using them and effectiveness is just wonderful. I put so much expectation on the product and it pays off. The lightness, coverage ability and how it make my skin looks so beautiful, two thumbs up!!

There are 10 shades in total, mine is in 774. There are several tone base, pinkish, beige and yellow. Please do go into the nearest shu uemura counter if you want to found out the shade match to yours.


There are a few steps before using the lightbulb, start from a clean face, toner, serum and moisturizer. A sun protection like from the mousse base also needed during the day. Then apply lightbulb accordingly. The video above will help you a lot if you're clueless or just want to see how the pro did it. I found them super easy and fool-proved. The one that I think need to be mastered is the amount of product used, since it is according to one's facial wideness (haha, is it a correct word to say?!)

Let's start shall we?!


Above is my before look, the secret heart is hiding my red angry acne. Everything us unhidden here, the uneven skin tone, several blemishes, fine lines and other imperfections. In a matter of minutes, lightbulb able to cover all that with it's airy touch and feeling as seen below.


The whole area receive the same amount of light wherever they are and the large pores, fine lines and other imperfections is covered, the redness of my angry acne as well. But it wont be covering the 'bump' it has. And below, you may see the result after powder and other makeup is applied. I really love the result and the skin still feels so light, like wearing nothing.


Thank you so much Shu Uemura Indonesia for the wonderful products!


  1. Wow I love how it works!
    Really covers the pores, reduce the redness and adsorb the oil on the face
    I want to try it, wow wow wow >,< how much?
    and how about the texture? foundie-like or mousse-like??

  2. Hi, looks lovely! may I know how much it cost?

  3. Hi all,

    Yes, the product is really good. The texture is like a light liquid foundie.

    In Indonesia it should be around Rp. 650.000