Monday, January 20, 2014

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure

Hello gorgeous!!

How are you today? I hope these gloominess wont bring yourself down, let's focus on the cool breeze Jakarta lack of during normal days. I know there's flood everywhere, I hope none of you are affected and please do stay safe.

Right now I want to share another product from Sally Hansen collection that gives the nails a stronger effect around 50% in 3 days, wow! That's quick.


Here's the details from

50% Stronger Nails in 3 Days! Exclusive Micro-Mineral Formula fills in cracks to instantly strengthen and reinforce nails. Instantly stops peeling, seals the nail plate and bonds layers together. Strong moisture magnets target severe dryness with intensive moisture. Natural Proteins and powerful Anti-Oxidants penetrate the nail to help strengthen nails from within.

The packaging looks festive, I love the blue and gold.


It is a very easy to use product, just applied them on clean nails, so remove all those polish, colors and debris. Applied the Cure as needed and the effect is on the nails felt almost instantly. The look is like after using a base, only lighter.

There's a minor peels on the nails due to regular nail coloring and it does looks better within days.


So far this is the best nail strengthener I've used,
1. For instant result and fast drying properties
2. For the result like base coat
3. Gives fast remedies for weaken nails and protect the outer layer for the weeks to come.
4. Can be easily reapply after 3-4 weeks or when needed.
5. Effective for both finger and toe nails.

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