Friday, January 3, 2014

Bella Nurture Mask

Hello lovelies,

how are you today? I hope all of you looking fabulous today!

But, for some of us who don't, let's use a facial mask, as a good quality mask should contain concentrate of beneficial ingredients. We can choose a mask to help brighten the look, make acne vanishes, lighten complexion, ease the lines, and many more.


Here is one Nurture Mask I received from the recent event with Bella Skin Care. A pink gel mask that said to contain Yuzu and Sakura, the key function is to moisturizes the skin instantly, smoother complexion and reduce pigmentation.


The gel has a light and cooling feeling on the skin when used, I always put it on a clean dry skin. Please do click on the image(s) to read more details written in the fine prints.


As quick as 20 minutes usually the gel will be absorbed by the skin. Leaving a trails of dried gel on the skin. Rinse it off with water until there's no more leftover. I find the gel to be pleasing, but for those who have dehydrated or very sensitive skin like my husband may feel a bit tingling and warm sensation to a bit sting.


One more thing that shocked me is the word, Avoid Contact With Eyes, Can Cause Blindness..... make sure the gels are far far away from the eyes during application and rinsing off then.


The product is available in these countries and can be purchase in Bella's branches or their online shop.


Here's an image of the gel on the skin. Lovely and pleasing, as long as it was kept far away from the eyes ^__--

So far, I've been using the mask for 2 months, 1-2 a week. The mask does provide hydration and I look a bit fairer after usage, but for the dark spots, they do seems to get smaller and smaller but not yet completely gone.

Thank you Bella Skin Care Indonesia.

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