Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dove Body Wash Sensitive Skin

Hello everyone,

it's been raining lately, day, night, please keep yourself warm, cozy and safe. I hope there's a solution for this nation wide problems.

For the skin problems due to sensitivity, I know there's one product that will help. First,
I'll try to 'judge' this product, a Body Wash from Dove specially made for sensitive skin.


With Nutrium Moisture the product deeply nourish the skin, when used everyday, it can gives a long term result. Hypoallergenic too, which made it suitable for all skin, especially for the sensitive ones. Why do I bought it?

1. To be used by my husband's sensitive skin due to itchiness and acne prone skin, yes, his body's skin due prone to acne.
2. Mine, especially the tummy area, during pregnancy the skin stretches as big and wide as possible (or needed). To avoid the stretchmarks and help the skin flexibility in comfort and ease the dryness, I'm hoping the gentle body wash can clean and pampers the skin at the same time be a help in calming the skin.
3. For kids, suitable for the young as well, the delicate soap free product clean the skin gently and effectively without irritating the skin.


The body wash has a very mild scent compared to the original Dove Body Wash formula, if you think the original is already gentle enough, this one is gentler than that. The foam produced also lower, so don't expect a lot of bubbles, they do bubbles a bit thou', so it's not like those ultra sensitive shower cream that doesn't produce any bubble.

On the other hand the moisturizing effect felt much richer and for those suffering sensitive skin, they'll feel the right amount of hydration and healing the skin nicely. After the wash the skin feels plump, clean, refresh, away from dryness and sensitivity, even without using body lotion the skin stays moist way longer than using conventional soap. But for longer and better result, please do continue with body lotion for sensitive skin and hypoallergenic formula.


Will I keep using this wonderful product? Definitely!

Hopefully this variant is available in Indonesia soon as I got mine during my trip to Malaysia a few months ago.

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