Friday, January 3, 2014

Lush Bath Bomb Luxury Lush Pud

Hello lovelies,

this holiday is almost over, boo hoo, I'm hoping for another holiday soon ^__^

During the holiday, I like to pamper myself and have a wonderful time, taking long bath, wearing mask almost everyday, and having tea time.

The long bath will include hard to resist products such as Lush Bath Bomb.


(image from

One of them is Lush Pud.

It looks super duper cute. Hubby bought it during his business trip. He chooses the lavender since it was my favorite, lavender seems to be able to calm my nerves within every sniff.


Here it is, a ball that promise a 45 minutes of undeniable relaxing time. Why 45 minutes, I can't seem to pass that timing in the tub ^__-- I'm already wrinkling haha!


As seen in the images, the Lush Pud makes the water turn into purplish pink, the fizzing bomb is delightful to watch and even the scent itself has calm me down. Psst!! Over the past weeks of keeping the bomb in my bedroom has made the room smells good.

The water become so fragrant and everyone in it as well. The smell last all night long (as we are using it at the afternoon bath time). We? My daughter and me both enjoy bath time together with Lush Pud. The bath product does induce sleeping time as it is relaxing, smells lavender and calming all the aching muscles with the warm water.

The only matter in this case is the price, one bath bomb feels so expensive since it can only be used once.

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  1. Aduh enak banget ya itu pastinya >.<
    Wanginya menenangkan >.<