Monday, January 6, 2014

Misslyn Makeup (High Shine Trio Eyeshadow, Compact Blusher,IntenseColor Liner, and Shiny Lip Color)

Hello everyone!!

I'm creating a simple look using products from Misslyn.

I have Intense Color Liner No.61, High Shine Trio Eyeshadow in 42, Compact Blusher No. 26, and Shiny Lip Color No. 82 in Toffee Color.


I also have the nail color, but I'm not using it at this post, it will be shared on separate post.

Below is the look of me using all of the 4 products of makeup for the face.


Since I'm using it for daily activity, I'm trying to be soft and demure. The eyeshadow can only be seen on the lines and when I closed my eyes. The eyeliner is wonderful and easy to be used. I love the Shiny Lip Color for being moist and so shiny as well.

For the blusher, I'm not a big fan of the color, I can use it as much as seen on the image, just a hint of it since when too much I'll look odd in this 'light brick' shade.


Below is the swatch of the products.

No.1 is eyeliner
No.2 is lip color
No.3 is the blush on
No.4 is the trio eyeshadow.


The product does have the power to resist water, as seen on the image below.

I've washed with water, get a bit of soap and rub it as well in a normal washing dishes movement, as I did the dishes while testing them. Some of them are still well intact. Nevertheless, a good makeup remover will clean them all off in a flash.


Thank you Misslyn Indonesia.

Many varieties of products also available at the counters, from false lashes to colorful eye liners.

Price: Moderately budget friendly.

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