Monday, January 27, 2014

Yellow Hydrate Daily Shampoo

Hello everyone!!

How are you? I hope you are all fine and in tip top condition. And I really hope our country is 'getting well' soon too. Hope for a better leader, better society and better attitude as well, this goes for all of us.

For now, I know that my hair is getting better >.< heehee. The ends become so dry lately and it is bothering since I can't do anything, anything means something chemically-instantly-and-covering. Like I can't colored them anymore (well at least until my gynae give the green light), so these naturally made by no choice ombre needs help.

The half part looks like dying while the black new hair is shining. I need a product that made the normal part clean and happy while the dryness on the ends moist and silky. Usually I'm using 2 types of shampoo, one for the scalp (oily) and the other for the half to the ends.

I found this shampoo when I was shopping at ITC Mangga Dua, a very famous place to shop in Jakarta which I really not recommending due to the heavy traffic and a full packed parking lot. You'll need your patience on the max, imagine caught in a jam and want to find a parking space for 2 whole hours, the minute you'll finally get out of the car and want to shop, the energy has been drained.

But, one treasure for sure, I found this one shop that promises a solution for my hair. Not a mask, not a conditioner, not even a creambath, it's just a shampoo. With 50% disbelief, I bought one, a one liter shampoo from Alfaparf (haha, in disbelief I bought myself the biggest bottle available). The price tag is Rp.300.000 and I when I asked for the conditioner, the seller told me, it is not needed...... ?__? really?!


Yellow is one of the company that was under Alfaparf Group umbrella, so the main site of Alfaparf will not provide this particular product details. So all the needed information is solely from the packaging.


The product is as simple as any normal shampoo. Wet the hair, lather up, applied the bubbles on the hair, and work it on. Massage well, from the scalp to the end and rinse it off. If the hair is really dirty, you may do the step once more. When I rinse it off, unlike the shampoo I usually have, the hair seems softer yet the scalp still feels clean, it is really different that other shampoo (wow that guy at ITC Mangdu really know what he is talking about, btw, I'm not shopping nor asking for shampoo at that time, I was buying some body lotions for my husband and he  (the seller) saw my oily scalp and dry ends, hence recommend me this particular item). The ends feels so good and relaxed.

At first, I thought it was just a one time thingy, still in the honeymoon mode, or perhaps like maybe 'beginner's luck' haha like there are such things as those. Nevertheless, the products kept repeating the result, clean scalp and soft ends. This is a wonderful shampoo which I think a must try for those with dry hair, chemically processed and damaged as well.


This is the actual product, a glowing yellowish pearly colored shampoo that feels creamy and loving my hair follicle and scalp. No distinctive scent nor fragrance, so dont count on the smell ya. I've been using the product for 2 weeks now and so does my hubby. Those with normal hair wont feel much different, but those who are like me, having dry damaged hair will feel the different from the first use, however, I'm still recommending conditioner daily after the wash for the hair ends, and mask like 2-3 times a week.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope there's some benefit for you :)

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