Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lancome La vie est belle

Hello lovelies,

I know it is unusual to share a review when the product is empty heehee, yes, I've been using this 4ml product for these past few days, and soon, it has become empties.

Details from

La Vie Est Belle Key Features
Make your life even more beautiful with LancĂ´me’s new feminine fragrance La Vie est Belle.

Incarnated by Julia Roberts, La vie est belle is a universal declaration to the beauty of life. A unique olfactory signature perfume scent created by three of France's leading perfumers, La Vie est Belle introduces a new olfactive language with precious ingredients.

Olfactory Notes
Floral Eau de Parfum with the noblest ingredients [Concrete of Iris Pallida, Jasmine Sambac, Orange Blossom, Patchouli Essence...].

How to apply La Vie Est Belle
Spray La vie est belle onto your skin, focusing on the warm areas of your body: the inside of your wrists, under your earlobes and behind your knees.


The first thing I've noticed is the sharp scent of floral. It is definitely one of the modern perfume we had these days. The ingredients and aroma they created is almost the same like those made for 2011 all the way to 2013. Like it's an era for strong feminine scent with the crisp of freshness, a scent that you can either love it or hate it.

My advice is to let it play around with your natural scent for a while, as usual, perfume is different when you sniff it on the air, on paper, or on your skin. On me, the cold breeze will turn into warm breeze during spring to summer. I can still feel a bit chill yet there's some fruitiness. The scent is still fresh but milder, patchouli is one of the 'main' ingredients these past few years, it is difficult not to noticed that bright scent.

Everything from iris, jasmine to orange blossom are just a compliment after settling down, this made the perfume different from others. The concoction of another layer after the first 30-60 minutes.

A general tips in getting a perfume, try before you buy, spray it on your skin, especially around the chest and neck then wrist. Walk around for 3-4 hours, if you love the first scent, doesn't necessarily you'll love the ending, and it is the other way around as well. Perfume is personal and should be taken as long as it needed, layers by layers will be unfold, some start mild then strong, some start strong then mild. La vie est belle start strong then fresh, then milder and settled in a delightful floral aroma.

Thank you Lancome Indonesia.

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