Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Japan Beauty Week (2014)

Hello loveliess!!!

Last week, some of us are participating in Japan Beauty Week. The event is held at Plaza Senayan atrium for 4 days. I'm attending one day only, which is on Friday 24th of January 2014.


Beauty brands from Japan are participating, not all of them but most of them are, like Kanebo, Kracie, Astalift, Hada Labo and Menard. There are also clothing brand and Panasonic from the electronic for beauty division.


There are seminars, talk shows and of course beauty products everywhere!!! All who came can enjoy skin check for free and consultation then get samples or travel sizes too. It is a very nice opportunity for anyone who never have their skin checked or haven't tried these products. We can meet the expert and like the image shown above the representative from Japan (Menard) is coming and we can ask her anything from their products and about our skin condition. She is very friendly and her English are well spoken. Still need a translator? Don't worry each brand has their own team that will help you translate the language into Indonesian, either local language or your skin's language after consultation.


Why am I there? I was there since I was invited as one of Kawaii Beauty Japan Star and as a quest speaker for beauty blogger talk show with Astalift. There are a number of KBJ Stars as well, Meilani, Carryna, Marsha, and Mukti. We share different theme and brands accordingly. We are also received clothing from Olive des Olive which unfortunately I can't fit to either one of the since I'm pregnant. But their material are so pretty and luxurious.... hence regretting not able to use at least one of them during the event.


During the opening of the event there is one special highlight (for the boys) yes, it's that girl band haha! I'm sure all the beauty bloggers attending was just there for the beauty products and the boys are there for Jkt48 (no need to be shy, it was clearly seen on your eyes) and your presence which is none during the seminars of beauty products and during the talk show. But, anyone should be having benefits from beauty products, male and female, we all may use them and give nutrients to our skin.


The next day (which is Friday) is my turn with Beatrix and Clara Dewi to share our experiences, thoughts and ideas on beauty products and skin in general. It was a lovely conversation we have. And each of us represent a different group, me as a skincare fanatics, 30's and a busy mom, Beatrix as a 20's active and start taking care her skin more intense, and Clara Dewi a very busy fashion blogger who wants to start taking care her skin. I wish we do have more audience and there's a Q&A's session where we can engage more to them. I know for sure most of them can relate to either of us on the stage. But overall, I think Kawaii Beauty Japan and BBlog trying their best effort to make this event successful. I would love to come and participate again when they are having more events in the future and you should too.


I learn more about beauty products from the brands too, the experience is different than in the counter, at this event, they just want to share and explain, where usually at the counters their main goal is to sell. So the traffic are driven to buy buy buy when usually what we need in info info info. There are thousands of beauty products, we have to admit there are only a few that really matches our skin condition, help improving and we can use them in long term, so an event like Japan Beauty Week is perfect.

One of the stand which I think very active in introducing their brand is Kracie, they are always inviting more passerby to come and they generously giving sample, free tries, and do mini facial. Their booth is never empty (nice job!)


I think they have a very interesting booth too, the displays are attractive and the staffs are friendly. We can't get a skin check like in Hada Labo or Menard but we can sure get a handful of minis here heehee. Freebies alert!

Each of the brands share different approach to the passerby according to their brand's value. Nevertheless I think everyone may enjoy the booths here.

Thank you so much KBJ for having me on the event, see you on the next event!


  1. thank you ci nellin ^_^ look forward to have upcoming projects with you :D