Thursday, January 30, 2014

V 10 Plus Quasi Serum

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CNY is tomorrow!!! Time to gather around with families and closest friends to have dinner together, time for the kids to get some angpaos and the parent to spend money haha!

Traditionally in the Chinese culture we all want to be 'new', 'refreshed', and 'rejuvenated' for the new year. We like wearing new festive clothes, perhaps new furniture as well, and definitely CNY clean ups where everyone has to participate in the spring cleaning to welcome the new year.

Now, as we wear new clothes, I think we should also think about our self too, remove all the bad habits and start do good and right things. Removing all the 'bad things' in cosmetics too ^__^ For me this included a purer products as well, as we all know a lot of products out there still contain too many ingredients that we don't need or perhaps dangerous, such as paraben, chemical fragrance, artificial color, mineral oil, and many more.

V 10 Plus (like always) bring products that doesn't contain all of those stuffs and only carry a water based skincare with benefits for the skin, one of the newest item is Quasi Serum.


Quasi serum main function is to get rid of dark spots and freckles event before they are formed by inhibiting the formation and accumulation of melanin. The skin will become brighter in general and more translucent.

I will share my skincare routine with V 10 Plus in another on how I use Quasi Serum combined with other products from V10 Plus as well.

I've been using Quasi serum for 2 weeks now and I really like the texture of the milky serum, It has hydrating properties that feels light on the skin, no residue felt, like the serum just goes into the skin without fail. The skin gradually become brighter after 2 weeks, I do noticed them since I check the skin using tools that was able to screen the melanin formation in the inner layer.


Thank you so much V 10 Plus, I'll continue using the products to prevent future dark spots and have clearer skin too.

Tips: during the day, please do use an appropriate amount of sun protection and don't forget to clean the chemicals from sun screen after usage to prevent built ups.

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