Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Staying in one place make me bored, so after couple of months in Singapore, I decided to take a trip to Langkawi. An island own by the Malaysian government, its small too and famous for it's beaches. I went there by Malaysia Airline (MAS), I got a special discounted price and took a 3 days 2 night holiday.

Arrived at the airport and rent a car for an easy access to all the places in Langkawi, the fare is quite reasonable and convenient, when done using it just drop off the car back to the airport.

This is the view taken from my hotel at Bayview, an old hotel but brings pride to the locals since when I was there people from election party also stayed there. It gotta means something right.

There not much attraction in Langkawi, but the food is delicious, there's one place that always crowded with people and tourist, you have to wait an hour and a half for your food after you order but the meals is just unbeatable (or is it the hunger talking gibberish). I ate the best beansprout with plum sauce there,

The next day I took the cable car, it was really high and I can feel the temperature lowering from hot beach wind to cooler mountain climate.

For the beaches is as lovely as it can be, white sand, perfect wind for family with young children but since it is so quiet and not well equipped like life guard and changing or shower places, I decided not to swim.

My short vacation ended at the next day, maybe next time I'll better stay at the resort that filled with amenities and spa treatment, oh la la.

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