Tuesday, March 17, 2009

About traveling free and easy

Traveling nowadays has never been easier, the internet makes so much option and cuts fee to the point. I used to enjoy tours with travel agent, but now they just got more and more pricey. I never have a really good deal now a days. It's still better to do it by myself.

Yes, it require hours of sitting down in front of the computer to find that right one. Looking for a perfect hotel is very important to me. I want one in a strategic area, reasonable price ( I don't need a 5 star treatment or bed or fully automatic toilet, since I spent most of my time outside), for me cleanliness and basic amenities is good enough. I usually google it from tripadvisor, asiarooms, or many other site to read about other people's experience. But may I warned you, it not always accurate, some people just want to write whatever they want, even thou' it's not entirely true.

Like this one guy got his visa rejected so he didn't make it to the country or even the hotel he already booked and write an awfull review for a hotel he never been there. He does that just because he is upset his visa got rejected.

Or a review that was 10 years ago when the hotel just got build now its all crack and worn out. We always need up-to-date review and a truly honest one.

Not just hotel, flights and other transportation can be booked online, no more agents fee and fuzz about collecting the ticket somewhere else. We can choose our own seat and other details, even food preference. For me so far Singapore Airlines offered the best service and value. For economy flights they already got entertainment system, really worthy for long hours flight.

For the tours at the location, if the language really become a barrier many tourism board offer free local guide, we just have to pay for their food or admission (entering either museum, theme park,or some sort), tips is relatively low compare to private agent. Or book a day tour, for me it's more suitable, since a package tour from the beginning always means visiting places I didn't want to go. Free and easy means freedom and general happiness. I can sleep more when I needed to, I can shop longer, eat where I want and total liberty (in a cheaper price too). So cheers for free and easy, hooray!

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