Wednesday, February 4, 2015

HQ7 Hair Milk Simply Fruity, Lively Floral, Very Berry, and Misty Musk.

Hello everyone,

these are HQ7 as in Hair Quotient 7 from Orang Tua Group.

What?!!! Is it the same group that launches many snacks and candies? Yes it  is!

This is their first product range for the hair. In the future they will have more and more, for now, let's start with these babies.


Directly from the press release:

PT. Ultra Prima Abadi meluncurkan produk HQ7 Hair Milk (Hair Quotient 7), yang dapat menutrisi dan melindungi rambut setiap hari. Formulasi 7 kandungan aktifnya yaitu milk extract, honey extract, argan oil, zinc, UV Protection, vitamin E dan vitamin B5 menjadikan rambut tetap halus, lembut dan mudah diatur.
dengan berbahan dasar air (water base), HQ7 tidak membuat rambut lepek walau digunakan dari pangkal rambut (akar rambut). Cara penggunaan HQ7 pun terbilang sangat praktis tinggal semprot, rapikan dengan sisir atau tangan, rambut cantik sekejap setiap saat.
HQ7 dapat digunakan kapan saja, saat pagi hari sebelum menata rambut, ataupun siang/ sore hari untuk merapihkan tatanan rambut
HQ7 juga telah lulus uji dermatologis oleh Dermascan Asia, sehingga aman digunakan kapan saja dan oleh siapa saja, termasuk anak- anak.

HQ7 kini sudah tersedia di pasar modern (hypermarket, supermarket, maupun minimarket) dalam empat varian. Dua varian untuk wanita aktif yaitu Misty Musk dan Lively Floral; serta dua varian lainnya yaitu Very Berry dan Simply Fruity cocok untuk remaja dan anak- anak. 


These are the products mentioned, each with their own signature scent, where two is more suitable for kids and the other two for adults.

I've tested them all.


But before we get to my review, let's start with why, why does HQ7 need to come to this world?
Setelah dilakukan research
(Research&Innovation PT. Ultra Prima Abadi) kepada kebanyakan wanita, mereka mengeluhkan masalah- masalah rambut seperti: lepek, kusut, kasar, patah, kusam, berminyak/ kering, bercabang, dan rontok. Permasalahan ini membuat penampilan rambut mereka kurang maksimal, rambut sulit diatur dan cepat berantakan. Dan mengingat keterbatasan waktu yang dimiliki, untuk mengatasi keluhan rambut tersebut mereka memilih produk hair care leave on (tidak perlu dibilas), dengan alasan penggunaannya yang praktis dan tidak memakan waktu banyak

For me personally, the problem is 'lepek' as in many products that claims to give hair vitality, moisture, and hydration but weighting it down like really bad. The hair will look like they haven't been washed for days.

Or perhaps other problems that I found is that, the product is not suitable for kids, maybe it is made for baby or adult, have you noticed that there are very limited product for kids in the market, especially a spray like this?!

And the 'milk' in the hair milk, are meant for a nutritious water that does contain milk and other ingredients like said above.

There are products like these in the market but most of them are from abroad and cost 3-4 times than this. How much is an HQ7 cost? Rp. 25.000 each (budget friendly).


Does it protect the hair from heat? Nope. In terms of using hot tools, no, it doesn't. So it only protect the hair and give nutrients to 'fight' daily activity, such as the wind, sun, dirt, and even messy hair. There's a mild content that can help tidying the hair without (again) making it limp and lifeless.


It's the mildness the one that I'm attracted to, it feels comfortable using something that is light and smells so good. For me this is the highlight of the product.

I always put perfume on my hair, I know that the alcohol content will eventually make my hair dryer, but I love it when the hair smells nice, even fragrant. With HQ7 I can easily do that without being too guilty. Yes, they do still contain alcohol, but it is milder than EDT or EDP.


Imagine yourself going to an event after work, you've been all day struggling with deadlines, report, and all, at night time your date come or perhaps you want to hang out with your friends and well, we all do a quick touch up for our makeup, but the hair? HQ7 can help 'freshen up' the hair so it smells like you just taken a shower. Comb it nicely and voila, you're done.

If you have oily scalp, do put some fine powder on the scalp and then brush everything off, let the powder absorbs the extra oils and finish the hair style with a fragrant of HQ7 that you prefer. I really like Misty Musk, it is somewhat similar to a famous white musk from a particular brand.

The Lively Floral is fruity, floral and fresh, sweet to the nose and suitable for a girly girl. The Very Berry and Simply Fruity are perfect for those who are young or young at heart.

Going to school without having an overwhelming scent but use an HQ7 on the hair, or those college students who ride a bike and wants to get off the 'pollution' scent, or like me, hating those who smoke just everywhere, spray HQ7 on my hair and they are happily smells good again.

If you're curious about HQ7, do come to BBMeetUp Beauty Bazaar at Senayan City Mall at the 12th of Feb, 2015 at 10 AM. They will be sharing their products and for those lucky bloggers, you can get some for free.

Thank you and see you soon!


  1. aku juga pake ini, rasa lively floral.. tapi di rambutku gak bikin lembab..... tp overall enak bgt wanginya dan bagus karena ada vitamin ya

  2. Q cari kok g ada ya...ada info bli dmn?