Monday, February 23, 2015

Blogger Gathering with Utama Spice in Bali

Hello everybody,

in Dec 2014, I went to Bali for a holiday. Thinking that one of my favorite brand is actually from Bali, we agree to meet each other and made a small gathering with local beauty bloggers. 


Around 6 beauty bloggers showed up that day during the Galungan and Kuningan holiday. So some may have gone for holidays or perhaps preparing for the holiday, nevertheless, I love how the gathering turns up.

In a beautiful restaurant at Seminyak area, we chit and chat about many things and Ria from Utama Spice generously gave each of use a share on Utama Spice products.


Their main office and 'factory' is in Ubud, not so far from my first stay before moving to a hotel in Kuta area.

I wish I can visit Utama Spice in Ubud one day and have a retreat at their workshop.

Do you know that we can make our own lip balm, scrub, or other skincare products using the ingredients that we want and oils as well. Like a personalized product made by ourselves.

At the Utama Spice we can also learn about the benefits of each essential oils.


This is the philosophy of Utama Spice.

And below, are some of the products.


Everything is natural, and just beautiful. We can use it daily without worries or even share it with the whole family knowing what we put on our skin is save and beneficial for the skin.


The nature itself is made as an aid for human, and Utama Spice understood that perfectly.


By taking care of each other, human and nature can go hand in hand in harmony.


This is me and Ria, Ria is the marketing manager of Utama Spice, do contact her for any queries, order and questions. Utama Spice also deliver their products almost worldwide. I love how many countries celebrate Utama Spice as a brand that delivers good quality products with care for the human and environment as well. I heard that Utama Spice is welcomed in Japan as many Japanese adores their products.


These two items are my favorite to be used whenever I get a massage. Nowadays I get a massage like a once a week by a licensed therapist. She helps my muscles to relax and the nerves system to work its way again smoothly in my body. With these massages, my body is getting better and better every single time.

Since I still have to carry my baby around, my neck and shoulder are normally stiff and can be painful at times. My legs and feet also suffering from the added burden. The massage therapist eases everything and she is really skillful. She learn about human anatomy and has been a therapist for decades. She uses many oils during the treatments, her favorite is olive oil.

And then, I introduce her to Cocoa Love and the Body Lotion from Utama Spice and she said that these products are very good. She can see and feel the quality as well as the benefits for the skin. Like somehow, the skin responded to the oils, like they are a living breathing matter. So different that other massaging oils in the market.

The penetrating time is slower but when it does, the skin will appear healthier and not in a greasy and sticky way, more like beautiful and plump.

The rose aroma from the Rose Allure is a bonus point for that lovable scent of a rose.

Thank you so much Utama Spice and really hope to see you again real soon!!!

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