Sunday, February 8, 2015

Close Up Diamond Attraction

Hello lovelies,

Close Up has recently shares with us the new toothpaste with Diamond Attraction. With Blue Light Technology the teeth will appear whiter from the first usage. See the blue foam when used, brush gently like usual and after rinsing, witness the visibly whiter teeth.


This is the first time Close Up collaborate with Cosmetic Dental Experts, to create an instant optical effect of a whiter teeth by knowing the power of white teeth..

Celebrities and famous people love to have their teeth whiten and we love to see their bright smile as well. It made them looks younger, more attractive, and of course, healthier teeth as well.


For decade Close Up is known for being budget friendly and focusing the trend of fresh breath, now they are widen the horizon with a more perfected formula for that smile you always adore.

The result may differ from person to person and with regular use the toothpaste should help in giving the teeth a whiter effect.


The product can be used from above 6 years old while dental process mainly for adult. So this is more to the daily usage with simplicity and for me, the blue foam itself is a fun factor.


Are you ready for the power of white?

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