Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Fuente Forte Scalp Care

Hello everyone!!

Since around the ends of last year Shiseido has announced their new family, the Shiseido Professional. A brand that will fully focusing on hair.

From hair colors to treatment and styling as well.

These two are the collection from the hair care department, the Fuente Forte Scalp Care.

  • Who there be skin of the scalp * is a concern. * Dandruff, itching
  • The stickiness of the scalp, those who smell, dirt is anxious.
  • With age, who beams and moisture shortage of the scalp is a concern.
Scalp barrier care technology
Skin of the scalp is focused on the fact that reduced Hari waist hair by problems such as any. While keeping the scalp of barrier function in good condition, to block any and leads to healthy scalp to nurture the beautiful hair

Fuente Forte shampoo
While protecting the moisture, remove the sebum and dirt that can cause scalp trouble, you kept clean the hair and scalp.
Fuente Forte Treatment
And have established the scalp environment, while leading to healthy scalp, and prepares to soft and light hair.


The treatment is like a conditioner which we may use daily and then rinse it off. To be used after a shampoo.

Below is the shampoo.


Listed are the ingredients and apart from that all the details are on the website, not the bottles.


Above is the texture. The shampoo is in white creamy gel, easily lathered on the hair and gives the scalp this refreshingly green feeling and aroma.

After cleaning the scalp well with the shampoo, massaging the whole area and hair as well. I rinse everything off.

Continue with the treatment, the conditioner in a thick orange polka-dots cream that made the hair feels soft and I guess both of them has this mild tingling sensation.

However, since I do have an oily scalp, I don't think that this particular shampoo is the correct one for me, don't get me wrong, the product itself is wonderful, but not for me.

It does made the scalp smells fresh. Since I don't have any problem with dandruff, I wont be able to say anything regarding it's anti dandruff properties as well.

Best to be used on a scalp suffering from dryness, dandruff and sticky too.


  1. May I ask did you get this from Japan itself or .... ?

  2. Given to me by a salon that promoted Shiseido in Indonesia