Friday, February 6, 2015

Nano Philosopy Treatment and How You Could Win One.

Hello all,

this time I want to share with you a place called Nano Philosophy. Here's what define Nano Philosophy:

A Nano Philosophy is comprised of a multinational team of passionate professionals, focused on delivering 100% natural-based, organic wellness and anti-aging and aesthetic enhancements. Using the latest advancements in Nano Technology, Nano Philosophy provides a comprehensive first-class service integrated medical clinic, delivering Anti-aging, Integrative and Wellness Medicines for patients of all ages. Using our unique, organic, plant-based solutions, we are able to offer proven, results-orientated integrative medicine that is both safe and effective. Nano Philosophy products and treatments are developed by dedicated research teams in worldwide.

Our highly qualified and internationally trained staff use a holistic and integrative approach; addressing the causes of ageing and health problems, rather than just looking at the symptoms. Our doctors combine the highest quality aesthetic/cosmetic treatments together with anti-aging and wellness treatments, including detoxification therapy, hormone balancing, homeopathic remedies, vitamin IV therapies, DNA Protection, slimming, cell renewal therapy and more. Our approach is to equip the cells with what they need to repair and rejuvenate, making you your most beautiful, vibrant and healthy self.


When I arrived at the location, with all the traffic, it's like a lovely place that promises calm and relaxation, for sure, the quiet place is a promise for a secret well kept.

The doctors here able to help many problems related to beauty, from facial that guarantee instant result to slimming that burns fat and shape the body.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I need one of those treatment  ^^


Before proceeding into the treatment I take a look around.

The place looks stylish isn't it?!


Inside is like a clinic, there's needles and drips... what are they for? Soon I'll found out.


Haha! As seen, I look afraid at first, like what are they doing?! This is called Nano Cocktail Therapy.

(all details from


The Secret of Aging
 There are 75 trillion cells within the human body. The function and aging process of each of these cells dictates the function and aging process of our body. Additionally, we have major hormones such as insulin and growth hormone that regulate metabolism and cellular division. The most critical steps to reversing the aging process are to slow down cellular division and enhance cellular repair processes. This is effectively done by having sufficient nutrients and essential minerals which enables our bodies minimizing oxidative stress and optimize human growth hormone secretion.

As seen above there's so many wonderful ingredients that are beneficial for the body. The Nano Cocktail also help improve health in a way that other supplement wont be able to. Some who suffer from chronic illness may also try it and gain benefits.

How about the rest of us? The one that wants to keep our health and longevity? Can we still enjoy the benefits? Of course!

We all 'suffer' in a way. From exhaustion, daily stress, to pollution and aging. Nano Cocktail help maintain our health and preventing illnesses.

Celebrity and other famous people are enjoining this treatment so they'll stay in shape even in their tight schedule.

In the end, the skin will also reveal the effect.


There's two drips, one is like a transparent water, and the other is like a vitamin drink. The vitamin drink is the yellow liquid called Nano Cocktail, while the first drip is the ozone therapy. So in every Nano Cocktail treatment we'll get an ozone therapy first and then the Nano Cocktail.

Below is the video of me during the treatment.


I'm sorry if the voice is rather low, since there's other customers and people, I don't want to disturb them. But as seen, I look okay, right?! I'm enjoying myself during the treatment, the pain is only from the needle when inserted and extracted.

If you can hear it carefully, yes, you can win this treatment as well, plus two masks. A masks that cost Rp.1 million and can be used at any area of the face end even chin, it helps shaping the skin as well, for a firmer effect.

All you have to do is join their talk show at Senayan City mall on 14 February 2015. Located in the Atrium the talk show will start at 1 - 3 PM. Bloggers has to come on 12.45 for registration process with me.

20 selected bloggers would received the goody bag after joining the talk show, sorry, late comers would not received their goody bag.

If you want to be one of those lucky 20 bloggers that received a goody bag worth Rp. 4,8 millions consist of voucher for a free Nano Cocktail treatment (that can be used at any branch of Nano Philosophy: Senayan -Hang Lekir-, Grand Indonesia, and Kelapa Gading), fill in this Google docs below:

Please do fill in if you're over 22 years old, able to come to the talkshow on time and stay until finish.
If you're under 22 but really wants to come with your mom, aunt, or older sister, you may still participate, they'll need to come to the talk show as well.
In the google doc, just right their age in the age column. And during the review, you need to accompanied her so you can make the post with their images and testimonials. 

Selected bloggers will received an email from me on 12th of February 2015.


This is me after the treatment, at first I was so sleepy and then feels fresh, I was down with a flu and it helps me by far. Like my body able to get better faster.

Thank you so much Nano Philosophy, see you all real soon!

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