Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Between Shrinkx Belly and Belly Bandit in BFF

Hello mommas!!

 Giving birth is one of the experience in my life that  I think become the highlights. Having another person growing inside me and then comes out to this world is just amazing. After 9 months on having a growing baby inside the womb the size of our belly surely grew as well. And after delivery, we want our tummy to be back in shape.

Many wraps are offered in the market, from the one that cost hundreds of thousands to millions of Rupiah.

Belly Bandit and Shrinkx Belly are among the famous ones. I've tried and uses them both, below is my personal review.


Belly Bandit BFF, this one is firm, in term of structure and material, so I feel like they kept me from bending myself, like I have to keep myself straight of all time. It felt so stiff at first and I have to get myself used to it for a while.


Since I have a short torso,it went a bit over and under, but when I kept using it, they' ll somehow 'adjusted' to the body. Like it's not as 'stiff' as it used to be.


How does it feel against the skin? Very comfortable in terms of it's being latex free. So, I wont feel any 'heat' or rubbery material against the skin. Hence the skin breathe as normal as possible with added support to the belly.

The details on using the product also wonderful, like detailed and in a cute form.


From choosing to maintaining the pricey product (yes, in Indonesia, one Belly Bandit is around Rp.1.500.000) everything is provided nicely plus the box as well.

Now, does it works?

On me, it does! In a way that it help flatten but not to the 'curve' I want as I'm an hourglass type. I have been using it for months now. The binder itself is still in a very good shape even thou I'm using it daily. The best thing about the product is the material and how it made my 'spine' stay straight.

I'm not using it since day 1 post surgery, more like months after since I'm kinda skeptic at first.

The binder helps the muscles in the affected area to get their shape back, like before delivery, as I'm post c-sect, the skin on the area after surgery looks like after sewn (duh!) so the skin on top of it flaps a bit. Using a binder help those flapped skin tightens and flatter.

When the tummy is bind and flatten, of course the boobs gets a lift, that's another bonus point.

The main cons for Belly Bandit is their totally NOT invisible. The are a bit thick so using it with a jeans or something that tight and hugging is almost impossible. This is a home wear for me. And for some (unknown) reason (oh well perhaps because of the stiffness), it is not attached on me like second skin. So it moves up and down, occasionally I have to put it back where I want it to be. A bit hassle, especially during sleeps as it moves up way high.


Below is Shrinx Belly.

Looking at it, you could probably tell, it is more flexible. It is.


Shrinkx Belly has that 'common' material we usually find in a belly binder. It has Velcros, bands and I can move around freely with it. The middle band snugged on to the waistline like hugging them nicely, not tightly thou. The Rp.600.000++ binder is a much more affordable option than Belly Bandit.


It made my hourglass frame more visible when using this and it is a more 'invisible' choice when used under garment, I can use it for an outdoor activity with ease. However compared between these two, the structural form that helps the spine is of course, better with Belly Bandit.

I guess the focus on Shrinkx Belly is, well, belly.


I've been using it for months as well now and I think the Velcro has weaken while Belly Bandit's still as 'sticky' as when I first bought the product. So I have to keep adjusting my Shrinx Belly bands after a few hours. I guess their 'wear hours' decreasing.

Well, now, will I keep using them? Yes! One for helping me with the hourglass figure and the other helps flatten and aid for the spine, especially when I'm in front of my laptop for hours daily.

Both have their own pros and cons and of course, each of us has a different body type, sizes and frame. Each product also works differently.

In terms of suggestion, get the size slightly smaller than your current size as it help the form to the size that you want it to be.
If you have short torso, get one that is smaller, and if you have longer torso, many other products are covering the whole area nicely, get the one that suits perfectly, doesn't roll up or down, doesn't move much as you need them to stay in shape on that area, and get the one that comfortable on the skin. No body wants allergic nor irritations after all.

Clean them well, as we uses the binders directly on the skin (or sometime on me, I use a very think material first to absorb sweats -- Jakarta is very hot and humid), dry them well too. And tips from me, do use a product that help the skin to heal faster, heal as in from scar and post stretching from 9 months, I'm using Bio Oil at this point. So while they're being tucked back into shape the skin also regenerate, get firmer and looks better in time.

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