Monday, February 9, 2015

HoliCat Geo Lens in Grey, Blue and Choco

Hello everyone!!

These are HoliCat, Geo lenses with adorable colors and designs that'll make you goes purrrr.


Details from

Origin: South Korea
Water content: 42%
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.7
Centre thickness: 0.07 mm
Duration: 1 month disposable

Brand new for summer 2013! The GEO HoliCat series features 5 unique cosmetic contacts in brown, grey, blue and choco. Each design has been aesthetically crafted to provide a bright, vivid gaze, making the eyes the centre of attention. Be your own fashion stylist with these HoliCat circle lenses!

"Soft touch on the pattern like cat's fur and clear circle line make you lively and cutie feelings."

Their official website is check them out to find out more


These monthly lenses are sent to me by @HoliCatid (instagram), yes, for us Indonesian, they do available here locally and you may start ordering since they are ready stock.

These lenses comes in prescriptions as well, so if you're like me in need of a colorful contact with style and power along, these HoliCat lenses can be an option.

There are several variations, three of them are with me,

Funky Cat

Vivid Circle line and deep sea blue with natural pattern
make you express funky look!


It's so cute how they put each color with names,

the Lovely Cat:

Thick choco circle line and light brown
color make you express a lovely baby cat’s eyes.

Each packaging contain 2 lenses in the same power.


Sexy CatGray added on green, a special color and Chic cat’s pattern
create a sexy and delicate looking.

This is the one that I'm using for this post.


Below is my eyes, it is pretty obvious which one is the before and after.

The right one with Sexy Cat (in grey) looks bigger, sexier and definitely more attractive.


Below is the close up look with the left eye with minimal light, indoor.


Below is the right eye having more light exposure, also indoor.

The patterns looks amazing.


They are very comfortable to be used within 8 hours per day. I don't find them to be drying nor blocking my view with 'clouds' nor 'fog'. It made the vision a bit darker, this is common with most color contact lenses I used.

After 8 hours, the lenses must be taken off or it will deteriorate pretty fast, perhaps due to my activity as well, and ophthalmologist also usually recommend using lenses below 8 hours.



HoliCat in Sexy Cat is a grey colored lens with amazing patten that deliver comfort when used within 8 hours per day for 30 days.

Easy to be used, just insert the lens where the bolder pattern is at the outer side. The lens has enough diameter for daily usage and still made the eyes looks bigger and more attractive.

I will share more looks using other color and do follow me on instagram @carnellin to see a more updated look with these babies.

HoliCat is available at BBMeetUp Bazaar on Senayan City Mall, located at the 6th floor the bazaar started on 12th -15th February 2015.

The Beauty bazaar will features many beauty shops for anyone who loves beauty products. Come and enjoy bargain price deals, promotion and we do have special events for bloggers and public as well. From Grand Opening extravaganza to makeup demo, free makeover, to beauty experience.

See you there!!


  1. graynya bagus juga ya ci...!! ga sabar pengen beli warna lainnya.. ak sih sekarang pakek yang warna coklat gitu^^

  2. kalau sesuatu berhubungan dengan kucing aku excited banget. Enlargement nya kurang gede yah huhu