Monday, March 9, 2015

Shiseido Hair Treatment at Apt Salon

Hello lovelies,

Last week I went to APT Salon at Central Park Mall. Located at UG level the salon is offering treatments using Shiseido Professional products.

Comes in several series according to the hair and scalp concerns accordingly.

Mine is oily scalp.


Using these products which directly applied to the scalp. The feeling is like a cool gel and the smell is fragrantly fresh. I do have the shampoo and conditioner as well from the same series.

It helps regulate the oils on the scalp so it wont be too oily and made the hair limp.

Oily scalp also make the hair doesn't grow as well as a normal scalp.


After applied evenly, I have to wait around 15 minutes before rinsing everything out, that 'cool gel' is also a shampoo.

After waiting, the hair is cleanse by adding a bit of water and let them lathered. Continued by a conditioner and I'm done.

The treatment is fast, it is done around 1 hour and cost Rp.300.000


This is my after look. The hair become so tidy and neat. The treatment cleaned the scalp well and the conditioner add shines to my hair.

The scalp area become fluffy now and not limp anymore.

I guess this treatment is suitable to be done once a week or according to the customer's need.


Thank you Apt. Salon.