Thursday, March 19, 2015

Anna Sui Mascara Primer & Top Coat

Hello everyone,

Before you read this post, please do visit the previous information regarding the launch of these babies, here: CLICK ME


You've seen the wands, you've read about the launch, and this is the review of the products.

The Length & Separation, Curl & Volume, and Mascara Primer & Top Coat.


The details of each products is written carefully on the box, please do read them well before using it, especially the Primer & Top Coat, as it is quite unique. Like when we use a nail polish, this is our base and top coat for mascara application. It comes in a clear formula as in not tinted in any color.


The Length & Separation comes in a water resistant formula, the words "ANNA SUI" written on the product is in silver, and Curl & Volume Mascara comes in a waterproof formula with the words "ANNA SUI" on the product is written in gold.

The Mascara Primer & Top Coat also comes in a gold "ANNA SUI" words, so it is a waterproof product.


For me the highlight is definitely on the Mascara Primer & Top Coat, all the possibilities of using a primer that help build up volume and length of the lashes and as a top coat, it seals the mascara inside it so it become waterproof. This is brilliant.

I can just imagine all those water resistant mascara that doesn't have a chance on my greasy lid and this humid weather become usable thanks to Anna Sui Mascara Primer & Top Coat. We can all use it now.


Before we get to the Primer & Top Coat, here are the two mascaras, first the waterproof Curl & Volume in action. Below is me using the product.


It add dimension to the lashes and made them looks super pretty. The curl and volume is just divine. I don't use any lash curler on the image above but the mascara itself gives that Oomph! To the lashes. I love how it stays waterproof and adding the Top Coat also help seal the deal like for the whole full day.

And below is me using the Mascara Primer & Top Coat, and then Length & Volume.


The length is definitely added and the lashes like separated alright, like it has been combed neatly. And since Length & Separation doesn't come in a waterproof formula, I added the Top Coat.

So I use the Mascara Primer &Top Coat first as a base, leave it to dry for a while, put the Length & Separation Mascara afterwards and leave them to dry as well. Last, coated it with the same Mascara Primer & Top Coat as the final seal. It does made the mascara waterproof. I'm satisfy with the result.


Below is the image of the lases after 5 hours, they don't budge at all, I even leave them for up to 8 hours and they still stays on without any smudge, anything falling like when we use a mascara with fiber wig, it is pretty much a superb waterproof mascara.

Using all of them feels light, comfortable, without being sticky whatsoever from the first application to several coats, and the whole day they just stay being wonderful.


They are definitely my favorite mascaras now.

From the gel-like silky texture (yes, all three of them) to the non greasy non sticky non creamy non heavy like formula,  it's sublime. Bonus point, the tea rose scent when they are first applied.

Their brushes also doe the job well and accordingly, the Length & Separation, Curl & Volume, all are wonderful and feels comfortable when used.

Thank you so much Anna Sui Indonesia.

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