Thursday, March 19, 2015

False Eyelash Applicator

Hello everyone!!

Who love falsies??? I do!!! We all do!!! Heehee, falsies is legitimately here and they are like, everywhere. So many brands of lashes and so many shape and even colors too.

Some are very firm and easy to be used while some are known to be made from real hair and super thin and moreover flimsy. Those are kinda difficult to be used.

Fret not, here are some tools available at AYou Beauty, false eyelash applicator.


There are several options here and each with their own characteristic. In this post, I'll review some of them.


This is KAI, I see the one shaped like this in beauty store as well, seems like this type of applicator easily found here and there. The reason is probably due to the shape, the curves and the container that held the lashes.


The details on the packaging pretty much sums it up and detailed with the image. We can just follow 1,2,3 and put it on,easy right? Well, that's depends on how you use it.


First, I find the container, the white falsies holder to be more hassle than useful. I think our hand do a better job in holding them then putting the falsies at it's exact location, it is not easy to stands them up on it.

So I prefer to hold it using my clean fingers and let the applicator get a good grip on it.

Put the glue on, wait around 10-20 seconds and move your head like it's looking something above before moving the eyes to the horizontal position, like when you're using an eyeliner, gently place the falsies attached to the applicator to the eyelid where the eyes is 1/3 open. And... yes, if the shape of your eyes is not exactly like the applicator's curve, expect the lashes to be a bit unfit to the lids or you might need to adjust it a bit. I find this applicator is more suitable for me as a makeup artist that when using it alone.

So this applicator is helping me putting on lashes to other people than myself.


This is me after putting on the lashes with the help of KAI false eyelash applicator ... and my fingers ^___^'


Next, it is my favorite out of all the false eyelash applicator I've tried. This is far more suitable for a solo use as in to use the falsies on myself. According to Another You Beauty, this item is best seller as well. 

The shape, curve and details is just right. I can easily use it to put on the upper falsies or lower, just flip it. And It is the perfect tool for right and left handed too. Press the handle and the clasp will open and we can just put the falsies there with the direction accordingly.

Put the glue on while the lashes is being held, wait for a while, and then gently put the 'roots' of the falsies onto the eyelids near the natural eyelashes.


The thin handles also become a good feature of the applicator, we can tilt it a bit during application so we can see the falsies clinging to the eyelid. It does took a bit of practice at first but it is still the easiest one and handiest one here for private use.

I still have one more to share, stay tune, and don't forget to check out my instagram @carnellin for I will share a short video of using them.

Thank you so much AYou Beauty.

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  1. Iyah yg kedua lebih enak ce handle nya.
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