Monday, March 30, 2015

Beauty Couture 3rd Treatment and Review of a Stimulating After Shower Lotion from Cottage

Hello lovelies,

I'm back at Beauty Couture at Mall Taman Anggrek for my third treatment with Tri Lipo machine.

A treatment that help burn fats and firming the skin without the need of a surgery. The treatment is best for those looking for a quick and effective result. After a consultation the therapist will suggest how many treatments and how often you should take yours.

You may choose which part of your body for the treatment as it is a customized for your own personal needs.


Above is me, looking as comfortable as ever and yes, I'm still not going to show you my tummy, at least not until the whole treatments I've received is finished.

The treatment is getting more and more comfortable, but I do wish the therapist would also help my love handle area, I don't know if this is considered tummy as well or not heehee.


This machine has been working really hard as this is the only Tri Lipo machine in Beauty Couture, so don't forget to make an appointment first before getting a treatment as they can be fully booked at times.

And like I mentioned before, in Beauty Couture, there's many wonderful items at the store, from Etude House, Avene, Coverder, and so many more, one of them is Cottage.

I always love their shower creams, they smell amazingly delicious, and now, they come up with a new product for Indonesian market, a Stimulating After Shower Lotion in peach.

Soft and fruity, your skin is moisturised* thanks to the ultra-melting texture of Peach milk enriched with essential oils of lemon. It regains its energy and balance through a lemony effect supported by extreme softness provided by white Peach. Your skin is thus stimulated all day long !

As light as a caress, Cottage after-shower is a scented milky mist that softens your skin and wraps it in a delicately fragrant veil.
Its ultra melting texture, rich in fruit milk, combines the softness of milk and the lightness of an eau de soin.
Systematically enriched with essential oils, it offers their benefits to your skin and stimulates the senses.
After a shower, and at any time in the day, in one single, very practical gesture, treat yourself to a moment of pure fragrant pleasure.


This is perfect, for those looking for an after shower experience, a scent that prolonged the shower cream you used (if it is also in peach) or add another dimension to the aroma on your skin with the touch of a juicy and refreshing peach. So fragrantly juicy, light in texture and perfect to awaken the senses. The skin is clean from the shower and the after shower lotion add that hydrating veil. This wont be enough for those who have dry skin and it is not a product that replace regular lotion, this is an after shower spray.

Perfect for those who doesn't like sticky and greasy effect as it only last for a while compared to normal lotion.


Beside the peach, the variant also comes in delightful vanilla, citrus grapefruit, sweet strawberry and mint, last and not least, the feminine green tea. I found all five of them to be irresistible and perfect for those looking for a aroma that last longer than shower, light moist effect, soft and non sticky finish. Must try at least once ^__^


Thank you so much Beauty Couture and see you soon!!!

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