Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rainforest Shine from The Body Shop

The Body Shop just launch a New Eco-Conscious hair care for naturally beautiful hair range. From Rainforest Moisture for dry hair, Rainforest Radiance for coloured hair, Rainforest Shine for normal to dry hair, and Rainforest Balance for oily hair.

Since I am a member of The Body Shop they sent me email and sms to collect the sample, which I did 2 days ago. So today I decided to try it on, the verdict is.....I really like it.

(please do not pay attention of my eye bag, I didn't get enough sleep the night before)

The product contain no silicones, parabens or colorants. And it's eco-conscious standard help preserving our nature from using biodegradable ingredients and recycled packaging.

Suggestion for usage is mix the shampoo with water before applying to your hair. The shampoo texture is watery but when mixed with water it lather up well. When I get the Shine range I was kind a disappoint since my scalp is oily and using product meant for normal to dry hair often makes the oiliness worst. But not with this one.

The texture of the shampoo seems light when I use it but can clean up my hair and scalp really well, I also like the fact that the light conditioner can stay on the whole day, usually at the end of the day my hair is so dry and the scalp is oily, now 11 hours after using them, my hair still soft and the scalp still clean.

The scent is fresh, don't have any musky scent at all, it's definitely not a strong scent but surprisingly last for hours (4-6 hours). Please note that my activity is mall hoping and not gym bunny, so for me it work under certain condition.

And like what the range supposed to do, it added shine to my hair.

In their website you can also try the online hair diagnostic tool, click here ---> website

For hair diagnostic tool I think it could be better, since they didn't give option for oily scalp and dry hair (aka combination hair).

Will I buy their product in the near future? Yes, I'm going to make a purchase after my stock of toiletries are run out, my eyes are on Rainforest Balance for the shampoo ($16.90) and use Rainforest Moisture for the conditioner ($16.90) and hair butter for S19.90 (very interesting).

I really would like to try the hair butter, it's sounds very good. Well, perhaps someday. And if I did I will make the review here :)

For all The Body Shop members buy now and get 30% discount, and for all of you who haven't been one, be one, beside getting promos you also get their email whenever a new product is coming!


  1. Aand, finally this range arrived in Indonesia! :D Yippiee!

    I purchased Rainforest Shine range. Haven't tried it yet because I'm still with my Banana Shampoo also from TBS. But I believe it will works good!

    As usual I'm attracted with the biodegradable word. :))

    my TBS products captured with a digital camera:


  2. Hi Ningrum,

    Try it!! I have a habit of keep trying new stuff ha ha, and TBS always deliver quality and help protecting the earth in the same time that's why trying their stuff is a fun and ensuring :) I've checked your 'cloudy' blog, thanks for sharing the pics ^_^

  3. Haha. :D Yes, it's always fun to try their products!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. :) Yes, it's cloudy but it's a happiness blog. :))

    By the way, how could you be such a skin care addict? How's the history? Lol. You're unique!

  4. A very cheerful and colorful cloud :D I wish my blog is that colorful ha ha :D

    I start being a skincare addict since I was in primary (SD) I love how it does to the skin, I saw the prettiest lady one day in a mall have the most gorgeous skin and she didn't even use makeup, it's all in the skincare, that's why I believe in great skin than in great makeup ^_^

  5. Hahaha...yeah, I always love to live cheerfully. :)

    Long live the skin care! :))