Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Win Whooga Boots!!

Who doesn't know Whooga Boots? These lovely wonderful Ugg boots is a big rave everywhere in the world, many famous people wear them, many of my friends in the US and Australia are big fans of these lovely Thermofleece material that can be used during the winter AND summer.

Comes in 5 styles and 7 colors (men and women are welcomed). I seriously want them all, they are the most comfortable boots on the planet and it cost 117USD each!

You can get it free! How? Just subscribe to their VIP Newsletter here <--- click. And you're on the run to win one :) This giveaways is open to whoever, anywhere in the world, isn't that great!

Check out their website for more info and you'll fall in love for sure!

S0....... who doesn't know Whooga boots????

(All pictures are taken from http://www.whooga-eu.co.uk/)

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