Thursday, August 12, 2010

LUSH Solid Shampoo

Nothing beats this wonderful solid shampoo from LUSH. They are made fresh and they do have expired date. The best thing about them is they are solid! Perfect for traveling and even when I'm not, I'm still so happy to be able to use them daily. Each bar can last up to 80 wash, there's a lot isn't it :)

I bought so many of them and these are few I can remember. The white one is Ultimate Shine, the purple one is Jumping Juniper, the red one is they new edition which I bought in Shibuya is a New Shampoo Bar made from cinnamon to help stimulate the scalp, and the yellow one is Godiva which made with Jasmine and the smell is just so wonderful it made my whole room smell so gorgeous.

For each ingredients you can go to their website and read all about them and be mesmerized.

Each of them have their own 'specialty like Jumping Juniper is for oily hair, Godiva is a 2-1 shampoo and conditioner in 1, you already know about the cinnamon bar and the ultimate shine is for.....ultimate shine.

Each of them clean your hair really really clean and not like other product it doesn't leave unwanted residue in each strand or scalp. Some of the smell doesn't last long except for Godiva and I wish it stay longer than it already is. '

How to use it: wet your hair thoroughly and start rubbing it to your wet hair, you can also make foam with your hand just like a soap bar, then put the foam to your hair until you get the desired amount of shampoo in your hair. Massage gently like usual then rinse. I do recommend a conditioner after using these shampoo bars even after Godiva.

How to keep it: Better in somewhere dry and not humid and wet. I keep this one once in my shower and turn soft and it didn't last up to 80 wash. Better buy their tin for keeping them safe and sound.


  1. Hi,

    Can I know where I can get these LUSH solid shampoos?

  2. At LUSH stores of course.

    I get mine in various outlets: Singapore, Japan and Swiss.