Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book 1: Water

I just watched the movie with my child that bored half of the movie away. For me the movie still need to be improved, like the acting of each character seems too raw, like there are vivid moments of so...whose line is it now?!. When Katara pushed away a fire nation soldier when they just arrived at the earth nation is like a school drama. The acting was unnatural and it seems the whole actors there waiting for her to do so...like there's a moment of..it's your turn!

Beside some awkward moments there's still some good things I found in the movie, here I can understand Aang emotion better than in the cartoon, it seems like they are doing a great job in casting him. His uncertainty, unstable emotion, and child character is pictured well. And I like how he slowly getting a grasp to it, I do await for the next book. I also want to see how bad Azula can be and how cool Toph is.

Thou the beginning many critiques has been thrown, I see potentials and I think each character can still grow. Katara seems really young here compared to her character in the cartoon version that seems serious and mature, here she rely on Sokka more. I think it need to be changed according to the cartoon version since Katara lost her mother and grown to somehow replace that position.

The thing I like about the movie is the water world at Northern Water Tribe which is so cool and great. It's small alright, but it's still look way better than in the cartoon version. And when Aang drove away the attack of the fire nation with his water bender reminds me of Gandalf when he lightens his 'walking stick' to drove away Nazgul.

But hey I'm not a producer,director or anything, it's just my humble opinion as someone who enjoy her Nickelodeon afternoon with Aang and daydreaming about having her own Appa.

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