Thursday, August 12, 2010

Garnier Dry Care Deodorant

I think a simple word as 'it work' is just enough for this wonderfully made deodorant using active minerals. It is said that it can protect you from smelly armpits by 48 hours of dry safety protection. Still contain Aluminum Chlorohydrate, the material that still in the debate for being the related to cancer but hey, so does almost every deodorant I know.

The different in this one is it work. I've said it and will say it again since it is working really well. I've tried many deodorant in many forms, some turns weird, the smell become yucky and... weird.

Another plus that I'm giving Garnier Deo Dry is that it doesn't give me any sting or allergic reaction at the skin, from redness, itchy, or other form of irritation.

The texture is light and milky (but not runny), easy and kinda quick to dry, have a fresh scent that suitable unisex, a bottle for me last for 2,5 months with daily use, usually I can go through the whole day (like morning shower at 8 and another one at 10 pm) and still smell nice (no stink) but of course there's no more scent from the deodorant just like when I applied it in the morning. Sometime when I'm exercise it doesn't give me a 100% dry sensation anymore since the sweats are pouring but still no awful smell come from the part I applied it on.

So work!

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