Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Step 4: Moisture

Now this is the moisturizer zone, there are so many brands and range I've use and some that really clicked to my mind is:

Biotherm Aquasource.
The first noticeable feature is the fragrance, it is strong (compared to other moisturizer) and I like the fresh scent of it. It contain thermal spring water that beneficial to the skin. I like them so much. I use the normal-combination range and my skin become dewy, radiant, got this luminous glow too, plump and look fresh. The only thing that keep us apart is the prize.

The Body Shop Vitamin E moisturizer.
It is too oily for me, even the day cream feels heavy, the night cream is worse.

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day cream.
It is light but I need a moisturizer that hydrating. So I guess it's not the right type for me, I do have shiny nose but the cheek are dry alright.

Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion.
No perfume, also no fun for me. It does do as it say but I feel like I need more ingredients, more natural gimmicks if you prefer to say that. I like moisturizer that smell good and this one...not.

You can read about my Renew Challenge (where Laneige Moisturizer is included) here.

Kawaii Brighten-Up Gel.
A multi-effect gel that not just moisturizing but toning and have the effect of brightening and anti-aging. I like the all in one use of this gel, and the fact that they easily absorb too. Their website also so pretty, do check it out here.

And so many more, like my first Korean moisturizer from Ettude which I think perfect for young ladies, Kose for ladies 25-35 years old, or my days with ordinary moisturizer like Garnier Aqua Defense or Aqua Sensation by Nivea that gives me nothing more than moisture.

Now here are the stuff that still at my home and I'm using them currently:

Aqualabel MO and WT Emulsion.
Try to understand not all moisturizer ended with the word moisturizer or day/night cream, facial lotion. Some products say emulsion.
I love Aqualabel products, not just the price range 25-30S$ but it really does what it say. It gives moisture and nutrition that the skin needs. It is easily penetrate and I love the rose scent too.

This Ultra Firming Creme with SPF 15 (certainly a day cream) is pretty heavy for me. But it does gives my cheek zone a firming effect, especially used with the serum in the same range.

These moisturizer above is specialize in minimizing the pores, the Kiehl's is too rich for me so I prefer L'Oreal Pore Minimizer.

Pure Beauty and Simple for me is included in the moisturizer that only gives moisture effect. The Pure Beauty day cream is really difficult to penetrate, I need to do a 3-5 minutes massage and sometime on my cheek area the cream is still 'floating'.

While Simple is more....simple. From ingredient to function, not much than a moisturizer, a light one that provide simple hydration. For me it's not suitable during traveling especially to drier area since the skin is more stress and need extra protection. But if your skin is oily, highly sensitive and prone to allergy, this product is more suitable for you.

Right now there's a survey at Neutrogena for your skin and it can create a regime and range that would suits you. You might want to try it out. So far I have no complain nor any special memories with Neutrogena products. But they are in the safe-to-use zone :).

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