Monday, August 23, 2010

Step 3....and it's not what you think

It's not moisturize! It's serum, eye gels, mask, or anything like those stuff to put on before moisturizing.

First is Serum.
They come in many different forms, function, ingredients and definitely packaging. Some been going on for decades and remains a hit and some just recently launched. You probably know SkinInc, I've tried them before but completely forgot how it was, either it's not memorable, or I didn't it use it long enough.

Well anyway here's some of the stuff I use or idling around my dresser. Just to remind you serum is used after cleansing and toning/soften and before moisturizing.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair.
These serum can be use at night and day time. You can use it according to your skin need. The main function is to protect our skin from hydration and environmental damage. I use it for night only since I feel a bit greasy and on day time my makeup wont stick. I know this is differ each and everyone of us (some have normal skin, some dry, etc) so use accordingly. For me what it does it increase the level of hydration. That's the visible and really noticeable effect from one time using, keep on using and I feel the elasticity is increasing, less breakouts, less problem such as fine lines (due to dryness), less sensitivity, a clearer and better complexion in overall.

I also have the wrinkle lifting (bottle on the left), I use it to lift my cheek up. My laughing lines is obvious by my increasing years, so I need a lifting effect. I also use Aqualabel CL for my cheek zone.

Some serum is perfect to use on day time while some night time, and most can be use anytime, so try them on first and see the reaction it does on your skin.

There are some serum that really not working for me, like Clarins Pore Minimizng Serums for Oil Control, instead of helping my me get rid of oiliness (especially on my shiny nose) it increases the oils there.

I've tried Derma Genesis Serum too, for me it work, but in the same range of price Aqualabel is better than L'Oreal Derma Genesis Serum. I found Aqualabel (all over serum, Net) less alcohol, give more lifting effect, and suitable hydration effect for me. But for the fine lines they both have the same effect, lessen the appearance of my fine lines near eyes and laughing area.

There are still a lot of serum out there for minimizing the pores and lifting now, so does whitening.

As far as I know most serum is anti aging (reduce wrinkles, lines) but the term anti aging itself is too wide, for me it includes enlarge pores, freckles/pigmentation, dryness, sensitivity, not just about wrinkles and lines. So choose wisely what exactly are you looking for. Some brand really concentrate on wrinkles, so for those between 18-25 I think they just find serums that more suitable for they daily needs like serums that contain more antioxidant for prevention.

What I like is a serum for daily use to fight against daily stress from environmental too, like the one that filled with vitamins and antioxidant because they usually lighter in form of texture and suitable to use anytime. For me it's quite basic.

I've tried Origins Make a Difference too, and I love it, I remember using it until the last drop and feel kinda sad when it was finished, I can't remember why I didn't buy more, perhaps I'm still in the mission of trying more skincare out there ^o^. The texture is milky and not exactly light but definitely not heavy. My skin are plump, less visible lines, the complexion is brighter and I feel good. My skin less cranky, no sensitivity, no dryness, no sticky effect, and like the bottle said: REJUVENATE!

I found another type of serum from Aqualabel for anti-acne effect. So again, look around I think nowadays no matter what your skin type is you'll find that perfect serum. There are still purifying, detox, nourishing, renewal and many more.

As mention above serums also have different texture, this is just from Aqualabel, one brand can launch many different serums and texture, I found those with lifting effect have creamier and rich texture than the overall serum for daily needs.

A Vitamin C serum from The Body Shop is my long time favorite. With the price about 45$ for 28 capsules is definitely not cheap but I'm really can't get enough of them. I use it daily and my skin feel rejuvenate, less breakout, less stress signs like tired or dry out, my skin feels good and comfortable. The serum is thick and like in the picture above it's not watery. But the penetration is so easy. No need couple minutes massages, just glide it all over and they are clinging to our skin. I can't feel any leftover, greasy, or any residue from it. Just the wonderful effect of antioxidant.

These are the eyes area. They are specialized for thin skin and problems near the area like crow's feet, puffiness, darkened and fine lines. Out of all these only Laneige have 2 in 1 (but still separate container) for day and night use. The day time need SPF and the night contain more hydration. Clinique All around eyes is for all main problems that usually appears around eyes. St.Ives I found them just refreshing but not helping our lines, wrinkles, or darkened dilemma.

To tell you the truth I'm so lazy using eye gels/cream/lotion, I'm using contact lenses and sometime I do rub my eyes now and then, that's why I don't like there's lotion there, especially the one that so difficult to absorb and too heavy/creamy. I tried to put them on as little as possible but still....well in comparison Clinique is still better than Laneige (please see the range I'm mentioning is shown in above picture). I don't like Pure Beauty eye cream since it is too creamy and I use Estee Lauder only for night time.

Next is masks.
Most paper/cotton masks that I know can be use after serum and before moisturizing. They are pretty light and suitable for couple of times in a week. My Beauty Diary is lighter and contain less 'useful' nutrients than Aqualabel MO or WT facial masks. But My Beauty Diary got so many choices like Bvlgarian Rose, Natto, Aloe Vera, Black Pearls, Q10, and so many mores. Perfect if you have a sleep over or pajamas party and just want to have fun instead of serious treatment.

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