Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why I love AQUALABEL and How the Auditions Goes

On 14th of August 2010 I went to Ngee Ann City right at about 3.00 PM and as punctual as they are the Auditions process with DJ Siau Jiahui begins. The setting was simple and so does the message : Unravel The Aqua Power.

DJ Jiahui start the 'show' with explaining what is AQUALABEL and from where they are, as my mandarin was bad, I try to grasp as many info as I can, many times she confirm whether all the listener standing there understand what she say, I quietly nod.

She was energetic, fluent and really fun to hear, she explain the product and relating it in our daily live, problems at our skin that usually appear and her own concerns, so everyone there that watch her can feel how we are related to the products (and I can't agree more, everyone can relate to AQUALABEL range).

Tips are also given on the spot like how to use them, especially for the Star Product AQUA Enhancer (WT/MO), to use it AFTER the moisturizer and tap it NOT wipe it. As you wipe it with cotton the nutrients are wiped away, so you tap them and 'push' all the good stuff into your skin.

This is also why I love about AQUALABEL the product itself make sure that all the wonderful ingredients can actually absorbed by our skin, hydrating the skin, and sealed.

After some explaining there are giveaways moments where DJ Jiahui will ask simple questions and anyone that can answer the question correctly will get some prize. The prize given are mask sheet, a pack of sample from Mask, Emulsion, Lotion, Aqua Enhancer and Perfect Milk UV SPF 50+. PA++ from any of the range. So coming there is a real treat, you are not just getting all the juicy info about AQUALABEL but you got to get the goodies.

Another reason for loving AQUALABEL? Because they are excellent products that does not afraid to give samples and giveaway, why? They believe in their product! When you got something that so good and true, you'll want to share it with everyone.

These are the full range of AQUALABEL that was on sale now in Singapore, I found the out that the range is more complete here than in Watson Lot 1 branch, like the Anti-Acne Whitening Care range.

Behind the 'scene' there's a group of ladies in black that explain to me all I need to know about the Anti-Acne Whitening Care and I got some more wonderful news about AQUALABEL product, you can mix and match them up. This is what I'm looking for, I'm tired of being told 'you have to use all in the range and not to mix them up' by other product. There are some things that I like here and there and I want them work accordingly to my skin need. AQUALABEL know our need and presented us ranges that we can use like a perfect puzzle pieces that suited our facial skin needs.

The registration itself is a breeze, the lady there (in blue) help me through it in a jiffy, I've tried to take picture of her but she seems so busy. She also explain all the regulation of 'Unravel Your Blogging Power and Win a Trip to Japan', gave me my samples won from Catalog Magazine (below is the picture of my goodies) and how it all going to roll.

On the spot I also asked to take a pic with my favorite product (really difficult to choose between the Creamy Oil Cleansing, Aqua Enhancer, Moist Coat Essence, Moist Charge Mask or any of their essence). I bring along my Aqua Enhancer MO and take a pic with it.

I really like the Aqua Enhancer MO not just because I can not find it anywhere else but it work really well, usually after moisturizing the lotion/cream/gel just stay there on the skin. But Aqua Enhancer MO really work leaving my skin dewy, supple and I can feel the penetration of the moisture. From using AQUALABEL I know that the product that really work it shown on the skin and the effect is immediate. So my suggestion: try them out, you'll be surprise how well it is.

A little tips from me is do grab the pocket catalog of AQUALABEL, it is very useful as it contain all the product in all of the range, what they do, the regime, how to use, etc.

Last but not least the registration for blogging competition is only till 15 August 2010, so do come and join while their still at Ngee Ann City's Watson. The prize is superb 5D4N all expense paid trip to Tokyo, Japan, Brand New Panasonic Lumix FX75 camera, BYSI jes-setter wardrobe worth $500, and last but definitely not the least 1 year supply of AQUALABEL product, wonderful!

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