Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kotex really WOW me this time.

On Saturday, 21 August 2010, I went to a WOW Party especially for bloggers. Thanks to I was invited to this wonderful occasion.

These are the wonderful people from omy that greet me and the registration went on smoothly. I have to put their picture on after all I can get in thanks to them heehee.

Each blogger get this pretty flower name tag, that's mine up there, little that I know we are divided into groups, I'm in group blue.

This is my first time at the Heaven's Loft and may I say the place is gorgeous. The room is decorated well and the setting is comfy.

And no party will be the same without food, since it is tea time (the party is from 3 - 5 PM), they provide us with coffee, tea, orange juice, and lot's of tarts, finger food, and desserts.

But my favorite zone is the cupcake bar, and it seems that this is everyone's fave place since it always crowded and no girls would resist a pretty cupcake which you can design according to your sense of style.

I present you my cupcake with pink icing, orange bow, hearts, and colorful sugars. The best thing is they also give everyone a box to bring home your creation.

When I came about 2.45 PM the place still half full so I can easily move around and take pictures, but soon after that the place is crowded.

The place is nice isn't it, every where I go there's Kotex brand and WOW, I'm getting more and more curious about the product now.

This is the bar area, drinks are provided, they taste so refreshing and perfect for hot day like today.

At 3.30 PM the party is officially started, we are greeted by a pretty lady, she reminded us to get some cupcakes (which I've done) and take pictures at the pic booth (this is fun). As you can see the white screen at left side which have Kotex logo is the place to take pictures (photographer is provided) and lots of stuff for us to use like crowns, hat, flower, sunglasses, and other stuff. And we can collect our pic later on for free :).

Then not long after that representative from Kotex come (Ms. Crystal) and she start the product knowledge presentation to us. From video, slide show to Facebook page are deliberated to us. The product that make the big fuss is Kotex newest product: KOTEX LUXE Ultrathin Design Pads. Ms. Crystal even say women used to have freedom to choose any color for their pads as long as it is white (kinda like Ford used to say, you can have any color as long as it was black---I'm talking about car). So now Kotex has created a new pad that not just well-function but a delicacy to the eyes.

For their previous promo on Facebook, please read my previous post here and for those who want to collect some samples and need a WOW code, you can click my page there. You can also check on their Facebook page (you can get the link from the post above about their previous promo) and get involved with 'WOW' yourself and win prizes yourself.

The white screen with Kotex logo is opened, revealing a 'WOW' with colorful and flowery designs just like the pads are. The pads come in 2 packs (each have 3 designs). One for the girlie in you with flowers and hearts. The other one is indie designs for the fashionable gal who likes butterflies and kinda colorful batik motives.

When a break is given and I grab that chance to get a free Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. We can also check their 'Look Book". A pretty book that have pads stick on them so we can all feel the softness, thinness, and the colorful designs of KOTEX LUXE Ultrathin Designs Pads (the first pad with attractive color designs to reflect your personal sense of style.)

Now that I look at my previous pads, it look so boring and well, I know some of you must be thinking what is the need of a designed pads? I thought about that too, but for me the answer is as same as when I'm using a pretty fancy designs for my undergarment I feel good about myself and it shown outside on my mood and how I feel.

And for the pads, I feel that during that time of the months I have something else to excited about and it's none other than designed pads. As colorful as they are, I hope my days of my periods too.

The final activity for us is going outdoor, so they prepared 6 tables for us, each have its own stuff and given different parts of WOW. I'm in the last team, the blue team. We get some shinny beads, colorful and bold too with many shapes.

Then when we are done, all card boards are like a big puzzle combine into one. For me the idea of the activity is fun and a perfect way for all the participants to cooperate and know each other, and by doing that we can all make something beautiful in the end.

Then it's time to go home, Kotex gave each of us goodies back which contain they newest pads too. We are also happy with the mug that can change design if we put hot water, WOW isn't it ?!

So I know some of you will ask when will this product be seen everywhere in Singapore, the answer is 13 of September 2010 and for all of you on Facebook, do join iKnowMovement and look out for their special online launching (09/09/2010).

So don't just goo goo ga ga and be sad for missing this occasion, Kotex would not leave you behind, join the online launching and get some too, cheers gals!


  1. Hey! I was seated in front of you! :)

  2. how i wish there'll be an event like this here...i'm a kotex fan too!

  3. zashiq5,

    Representative from Kotex Singapore already confirm Philippines and Indonesia will launch the product soon, I haven't heard about Malaysia or other country but hopefully they will have one like this too.

  4. We just had a Kotex WOW bloggers event in my country (Philippines)! :)
    I stumbled upon your blog while searching on other participants during our event! :) It's so cool that this is international!

  5. Hi Anagon,

    Yes, they do put so much effort in promoting, and I'm just glad to be a part of it :)