Sunday, August 1, 2010


Thanks to a magazine I can collect a sample of Covermark Moisture Veil Foundation which is really wonderful and a sample for me can last around 10 times. The formula is wonderful, easy to blend and cover the dark spots, fine lines and almost anything I want to hide.

The best thing about it is it doesn't left any cakey feeling, stiffness, nor white spots. It is said in their website that it contain moisturized powder so the finishing will be very smooth and the skin looks toned and glow with radiance.

Sometime I damp the sponge a bit, it help the powder the blend more easily, and it stay hours and hours after using. I don't need any retouch even after 4 hours. Which for me it is wonderful since somehow my skin usually repel any makeup within 2 hours. The effect of this Covermark is it create a layer on my skin surface and it stay there, creating a smooth spotless facial skin but still look so natural with all it's best.

Natural as if I have a very good skin gene and since I was a baby 'till now I have no acne, pimples, blackheads, increasing pores, lines, and well as if I live in a bubble where there's no sun and pollution or stress.

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