Friday, August 20, 2010

K-Palette in Black

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This 24-hour eye liner is my first eye liner that I really use and well able to use. I've tried so many eye liner and so many shape from pencil, crayon, brush, and this is the first thing I really able to use it properly.

What I like about it is:
1. The black color is not too black, no worries to those who are looking for a super black they do have one. I like the not so black since it will be easier for me to create the gradation of darkness that I want, just keep reapplying until I get the desired level.
2. Since my eye lids are oily, yup that's also the reason why other products didn't work well, I need to make sure it's dry first before doing anything, my trick is to dry it on every layer, I use a mini fan to dry them, if not, it still dry pretty fast.

3. The super thin tip is my helper, I can create the thinnest line possible.
4. After the color set, it does stay there for a long time. But if you have an active sweat glands like me, you probably need to reapply and tidy up after 3-4 hours, hey for me it is an accomplishment while other product I need to reapply and tidy up hourly.
5. I can use the eyeliner for something else, like temporary tattoo, face deco, etc.
6. Last but not least, it can easily be cleaned by warm water, cleansing oil and finish the job with my regular facial foam.

Tips: instead of going all around the eyes, you can just put on the eyelids for a more natural and modern look.

Updated post on June 04, 2012.

So it's like 2 years ago since my first post regarding this product. Now I give you my more advance look on using K-Palette

Here it is, a daring cat eye with a twist which I created by layering slowly and add false lashes to it. The look become dramatic.

Now, some added review as well. The product do stays for a long time during dry days or when I'm traveling or constantly in air conditioner room. But, if I go outside and sweating furiously (mad expression of hyperbolic words) unfortunately so does this liner. Some will still stay but some will be messy. So use a tissue to blot away the humidity, not swiping ya, just blot away and you should be fine, you'll also noticed the color slightly fade after blotting.  Bring it (as it is small and can be used as an emergency pen/marker as well) inside your purse for a quick touch up.


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